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Fleetwood Mac – Landslide Lyrics 6 years ago
Well, no one seems to think of it in the terms I do. Everyone talks about a child's point of view with the song. Imagine for a minute, listening to it from an aging parent's perspective. One whose children were their world, totally doted upon and beautiful images of the parents themselves. But with years, the children distant themselves and don't understand the parent (understand where they're coming from). Perhaps even disagree with the entire way the parent views the world and acts, according to how they lived their lives, according to their fate. TO me it means all this and the ends means, simply that, in the end the same fate very possibly awaits the younger adult child with age, and when it happens to them, these things/changes their parent has endured, they will finally understand who their parent is/was, in a way they never had. It will hit them emotionally hard, like a landslide, and they will come back "down to earth" with changed attitudes, the parent hopes it brings them to this realization without destroying them. Of course I see this in the song as it relates to my own life, and all my close friends know, this is the song to be played for my children, when I die.

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