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Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 8 years ago
If this song was written in the '80's, then yes, that would be possible. But just the fact that it was so early -1975- it would be impossible. AIDS didn't even exist at that time- and Freddie had no idea what it even was until he was diagnosed in 1987- that's why he didn't use protection and unfortunately contracted it- because he didn't know what it was. He died in 1991- so if he had AIDS in 1975, and already knew about it and gave it to someone- which means he would of had to get it in at least 1974- that means he would have had to live with AIDS for 17 years with no treatment whatsoever- and obviously tons of energy because pretty much all of his incredible legendary shows took place after 1975. Not many things are impossible- but contracting AIDS in 1975, living for 17 years with it with no medication and no side effects- it would just be impossible. Sorry if you didn't want me to get all technical and statistical (if thats a word lol) But I took it as a genuine question- hope I helped :)

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 8 years ago
It's difficult to analyze a song who's writer refused to analyze it himself. The band doesn't even know the true meaning, to this day. It is claimed to be just a tongue in cheek mock opera- just for fun. There are countless theories but that is one I just can't allow myself to believe. Freddie went through too much, he was too complex, too mysterious, too talented, to just write a song this amazing about nothing.

I'm all for having an open mind, but the AIDS interpretation is also impossible. Freddie didn't even really know what AIDS was until shortly before he was diagnosed. This song was written in 1975- and it may have been started even earlier. I'm sorry- but AIDS became a thing in the 80's- at least the late 70's- in New York- not 1975 in England.

Suicide can definitely have an involvement in the song, as well as his struggle with his sexuality, his rocky relationship with Mary at the time, his relationship with his parents, with himself even. I believe that a number of events and emotions and struggles were all stuffed down the throat of this song. There were some intense feelings going on in that young, confused 29 year old's mind- that's for sure.

I think that, just because this was during the exact time Freddie had an affair and was feeling guilty and was extremely confused with his sexuality- the gay thing could absolutely play a major role- if not the entire role- in the song. I'll explain with a few examples...

"Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality". Freddie was stuck in a scary, awkward, confusing spot. He was in a 6 year long relationship with his best friend Mary Austin- yet he was having an affair with this man. He hated himself but he couldn't help himself at the same time. He didn't understand his feeling and he couldn't escape the situation. The guilt.

"I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy". When looking back on the end of their relationship, Mary said that Freddie seemed extremely upset with himself. He felt this overwhelming feeling of guilt. This plays into the whole song. He feels like such a low form of humanity that he constantly puts himself down throughout the song. Going against himself. Telling himself that he has not been a good man and therefore deserves no sympathy or love.

"Anyway the wind blows doesn't really matter to me". This could actually be playing onto the bisexual thing. Whether he is loving a man or a woman- it doesn't matter. He doesn't care.

"Mama just killed a man...". Okay so these "Mama" verses may actually be Freddie speaking- not to his mother- but to Mary. He used "Mama" throughout the years in plenty of songs- so you can't take it literally- as if he is talking to his actual parent. The "man" in the story could be seen as himself. Yes, you can take the suicide route here and look into that more- but I prefer the idea that the man is not just him- but it is the him that everyone knew at that time. The straight Freddie Mercury who had a girlfriend. The guilty, bisexual Freddie is one speaking. So if you understand these roles you can understand it all from that point of view. The guilty Freddie killed the innocent Freddie by sleeping with a man and questioning his sexuality. The innocent Freddie had just begun his life- everything was going great. Freddie and Mary could have gotten married. But the gay Freddie threw it all away. Now, the "Mama oooh's" are sung by the straight Freddie. You can tell because there is more emotion there. You can hear the cry for help. The straight Freddie doesn't want to die- he doesn't mean to make his mother cry by going against their beliefs and being gay. I could go on forever.

Just by reading the lines as these roles- you can understand. You can see the struggle between two sides. This plays a major role in the opera section. I don't want to type a novel, but it is quite simple to go deep into the song and untie every knot and see what's underneath. Again, there's no proof that any of what any of us are saying is even remotely true- because unfortunately Freddie is not here to unleash the secret of Bohemian Rhapsody.

All we know is that it was a groundbreaking song with a groundbreaking video and a groundbreaking meaning- somewhere deep down. RIP Freddie Mercury- the most amazing, talented song writer, pianist, singer, and person to ever walk the earth. I love you so much and I really do hope that my analysis of your masterpiece was at least a small step toward the true meaning. Thank you for this song and for all of your songs. Because without them I'd be in the same place as you right now. LOVE YOU

PS thanks to whoever read this bible of a comment ;)

The Killers – Goodnight, Travel Well Lyrics 8 years ago
It's all about death. Period. I don't believe there are any hidden meanings or anything. It's about Dave's mother, who has just passed away, and Brandon's mother who was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. The first few times I listened to this moving song, I thought the lyrics were complex and I didn't understand. But in reality, they are quite simple- just brilliant, and you have to think. Here, I'll translate them for you..

The unknown distance to the great beyond
Stares back at my grieving frame

(The unknown distance is heaven- he is looking up at the sky and heaven stares back at him. He is going through he initial stages of grief- he is in shock, he is upset, he is still waiting for his mother to return.)

To cast my shadow by the holy sun
My spirit moans with a sacred pain

(The holy sun and the shadow all has to do with religion, heaven. The spirit and the sacred pain is technically saying that he is in an indescribable pain)

And it's quiet now
The universe is standing still

(The quiet is from his mother being gone, without her everything just stops. He is coming to the realization that she is gone, and he is discovering how different it is without her)

There's nothing I can say
There's nothing we can do now
There's nothing I can say
There's nothing we can do now

(This is another stage of grief. He knows that she is gone- he is angry and frustrated with himself and the situation. It is too late to change anything now- neither of them can do anything about it)

And all that stands between the souls release
This temporary flesh and bone

(He begins to question life and what it really is. He understands the not much stands between life and death, and we are all temporary here on earth)

We know that it's over now
I feel my faded mind begin to roam

(He is speaking to himself and his mother- trying to convince himself that everything they had is done- but he can't help but think of the past)

Every time you fall
And every time you try
Every foolish dream
And every compromise
Every word you spoke
And everything you said
Everything you left me, rambles in my head

(He is at yet another stage of grief. Getting angry and realizing that none of that shit means anything anymore. Every time his mother tried to do something, every time she had a dream, every time she spoke a word- he is pretty much saying that it was all a waste of time because she no longer exists. However, he can't stop thinking of everything she taught him and did for him and told him- the memories kill him)


Up above the world so high

(This has various meanings. Of course it is a line from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which could have been a song she said to him, or just a song that reminds him of childhood and innocent. He knows that now his mother actually is up above the world so high. He can't take the intense pain)

And everything you loved
And every time you try
Everybody's watching
Everybody cry

(He is still thinking and grieving. Talking about how his mother was a real person- a woman who loved and a woman who had passion and a woman who did so much. He can't wrap his head around that in such a quick moment that can all be over. He is surrounded by family and friends who grieve along with him. He is extremely sad and he doesn't know what to do)

Stay, don't leave me
The stars can wait for your sign
Don't signal now

(Know he is past the stage of shock and confusion and anger and frustration. He is sad. Just extremely sad. He becomes a child and he gets on his knees and he begs- please please don't leave me here alone. He tells the stars or God or the grim reaper or whoever takes someone when they die, that they can wait- he will do anything- just do not take her from me.


Goodnight, travel well
Goodnight, travel well

(He has reached the final stage. The stars have ignored his pleadings, he accepts that his mother is gone. He is the saddest, most frustrated and confused man on the face of the earth. But he fights through it and finds peace. He knows that he can't change anything. He says his final farewells to his mother- and he pretty much wishes her luck in heaven. He hopes she is safe and okay. Tears are streaming down his face but he smiles because he thinks of the life he shared with his mother- the good times. He knows that she can hear him- and he feels at peace.

And there's nothing I can say
There's nothing I can do now

(He revisits the thoughts of any grieving man.There is nothing I can do. There is nothing I can say. It is what it is. I can't change it. It ail be okay and we will move one. It will be okay.

Queen – Bicycle Race Lyrics 8 years ago
This song was written by Freddie- not surprisingly. He was inspired by the tour de France which was outside of his hotel room in France- they recorded Jazz in France. The funny quirky lines of the verses are just meant to show that he is going against everything they say- he is not listening- he doesn't care. He doesn't want to do anything but ride his bicycle. Many say how, "Oh, Freddie Mercury didn't like Star Wars". That's not true- it's all meant to be a joke. It's like if a little kid, let's say, wanted to play video games. Their parents say "No, but we are going to the carnival!" It's not that the kid doesn't love the carnival, but because he's not getting what he wants, he is going to say, "No, I hate the carnival"- because he wants what he wants. And in Freddie's case, it was apparently his bicycle.

Queen – (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care Lyrics 8 years ago
Well, being the first one to comment- this obviously is not a Queen song- but it is a song that was covered many times by Queen on tour. I think that they played it mainly because it was a song that they liked and perhaps related to, and it was a song of their time period. I loved it live though- mainly because all four of them would be center stage, having fun together...

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 9 years ago
KK, this ones complicated- so it'll be long. Freddie's the only one who truly knows exactly what he had in mind while writing this song, so all we can do is guess what he had in mind from all we know about Freddie and his life in 1975. First of all, to get it out there- Freddie has said in an interview I've seen on Youtube, that the song was indeed originally 3 different songs. He said at the last minute, he ran out of time or whatever, and he just said "what the hell, I'll just throw them all together". (One of the smartest decisions made in rock n' roll history) Anyway- ya, so this song, even to Freddie- might not make sense. Each portion might make sense- but not when its put all together- because they really don't have to do with eachother. Unless all 3 songs were written with the same topic in mind.
Anyway- in order to infer what it's about- you have to know where Freddie was at this point in his life. He was 29 years old when he wrote the song in 1975. (He may have begun writing it in 1974 because it is very complicated)During that time he was very confused. He had been dating his girlfriend of 6 years- Mary Austin, and he was living with her. But Freddie always still looked at guys. He started staying out later- and Mary actually thought he was cheating on her with another woman. What she didn't know was that he was cheating- but with a man.Freddie loved Mary, but was very confused and always still thought about being gay, or bisexual. So he admitted to mary about seeing the other man and he said "I think i'm bisexual". Mary replied with, "No I think your gay. And I understand, and I hope we can stay friends". And with that, they did until 16 years later when Freddie passed away.
Saying that- I'm assuming the song was written, or he at least he begun to write it- before the breakup with Mary. That's when he was the most scared and confused. After the breakup he was relieved and free- they were still friends, and he got to have gay sex. So I dont think he would write so dramatically and sadly and confusing if everyhting had already been resolved.
K- now that you know how he felt, I don't think it's too hard. The very beginning- "Is this the real life.." just shows how confused he was. How did this happen? "No escape". "I need no sympathy" (probably for cheating)Then he goes onto the "mama" section. I think of "Mama" as Mary. And I think of the "man" as Freddie's old happy straight self. Think about it- "Mary, I just killed my nice, loving, never cheats, straight, self."(By cheating on the other man) "Mary, my life had just begun (he was only in his 20's- he was with girls for less than a decade)But now I've gone and thrown it all away". Then he goes onto say that its "too late", his old self is already gone. He has to just "face the truth". ANd that he doesnt want his old self to be gone- he wants to be straight and he wants to be with Mary. ("I dont want to die") And that sometimes he wishes that he was never even born in the first place.
Next is the opera section- which I think is meant to just show how confused he was. It literally makes no sense- besides the "let me go". Obviously, let me go from this situation, let me go back to who I was.
After this comes the Hard rock section. This is where he gets the anger out. He may have wrote this song (remember they were all seperate) after the breakup. I dont know why he'd be angry with Mary, he always loved her. Maybe e is acting as Mary speaking to himself. That is what mary would say right? "You think you can love me and leave me to die?" "Can't do this to me!" "Just gotta get outta here!"
Finally, the mock opera ballad descends to where it started. "Anyway the wind blows" Meaning I dont care, it doesnt matter to me.
K- so this was just my opinion- i think it makes sense, right? Like it! :):)

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