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Laura Marling – Is a Hope (Drinking Alone) Lyrics 7 years ago
The second last verse is obviously a reference to Noah & the Whale's album all about her.
"Yes I heard the songs, like bullets to me"
She's obviously hurt by the fact he has an entire album about her

Laura Marling – Sophia Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure that it's lines "shy and tired eyed am I today" not "tried and tired I am now today".
Also the think the lines "Who's been touching my skin, who have I been letting, shy and tired eyed am I today" are about having a one night stand after a relationship is broken up to try get over her old lover. The fact that she's asking him questions, "Who's been touching me skin?", are almost as if she's trying to piss him off with the news that she has moved on.

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