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Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here Lyrics 7 years ago
I have always thought this song was about two people after a break up, two people who still love each other but have been living for many years apart. They shared dreams and ideals in life. The one who calls out wants to know where the other person is, is she still the same, or has she sold out to the world. After so many years apart to achieve each their own dreams, he realizes that feelings haven't changed, the same problems exist, and he wishes to be with her. I think this song is about soulmates who get together but than part to do other things, but never forget eachother, and realize later on that nothing else matters, they should be together again. It's a song of loneliness, but it is a song that tells how nothing really matters but being with the person you belong with...Is my idea of the song too cheesy?

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