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Twenty One Pilots – Kitchen Sink Lyrics 1 year ago
@[fr0st2k:27315] its me

The Killers – Tranquilize Lyrics 2 years ago
I always thought this song was about Vegas, -- wedding bells begin easy - its a town that makes getting married on a whim easy.

The guy is going crazy, a little paranoid, but finds comfort in a prostitute who he's fallen in love with.

---Always here, always on time
Close call, was it love or was it just easy
Money talks when people need shoes and socks
Steady boys, I'm thinking she needs me---

Part of him realizes its not real, but the other part clings onto hope that its some kind of love -- he's crazy! probably schizo or bipolar. Perhaps he just killed someone? ;)

Overall, this song is awesome.

Twenty One Pilots – Guns For Hands Lyrics 5 years ago
This is definitely a shout out to all listeners who ever thought of/or attempted suicide, or you might even say homicide.

This band is very adamant about singing towards a crowd while trying to instill a certain sense of meaning through their lyrics.

'I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep
I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep
But I can't, but I can't when you all have
Guns for hands yeah'

In the chorus above, he's expressing his inability to sleep while he's thinking about all the kids out there that he can save through his music. He's asking people to listen to his music, to find something else to believe in and be interested in. A lot of his other songs promote unity through art, like Forest:

("Down in the forest we'll sing a chorus
One that everybody knows
Hands held higher, we'll be on fire
Singing songs that nobody wrote.")

or Kitchen Sink:

(Are you searching for purpose?
Then write something, yeah it might be worthless,
Then paint something then, it might be wordless,
Pointless curses, nonsense verses,
You'll see purpose start to surface)

I do think its a bit egocentric to play to your lyrics like Tyler does. But i think its good enough that he can do it successfully.

I have been clinically depressed, diagnosed since highschool. I like to think i overcame it. I honestly feel very little difference now (almost 12 years later) than I did before, but i've really evolved into someone who understands the world I'm in and I've accepted it. I have a completely different paradigm of decisions I make, and relationships I work with. (It's difficult to maintain relationships when you're apathetic state desires complete solitude)

Not a lot of people can do that. Twenty One Pilots shows a pretty good understanding of that mentality, which is why I think i can connect with them.

Twenty One Pilots – Kitchen Sink Lyrics 5 years ago
A kitchen sink -- I feel like he's expressing that everyone has their own way of dealing with things and feeling some way.

In his inner circle, or his world, a kitchen sink means something specific...its his thing, and he believes everyone should have their own thing. (I personally feel like a kitchen sink, for him, relates to the saying, "everything but the kitchen sink." Referencing the kitchen sink being 'left out' and alone. So when he references that he is the kitchen sink, hes referencing that he is unique)

Clearly, the rest of the song is motivating. A pick me up for other 'kitchen sinks.'

'leave me alone,
Don't leave me alone'

When youre in a spot like this you might confuse yourself and say you don't need people. But youre really just screaming for people to see you and appreciate you.

Find purpose in whatever you can. Don't worry whether youre good or bad at it, just do it, and like he says, 'you'll see purpose start to surface'

Thats my take anyhow.

Brandon Flowers – Only The Young Lyrics 5 years ago
I redact my previous comment. I dont know how i missed it ..but its clear he's referencing religious undertones.

The mother, the father, and the son(sun). redemption. Perhaps he's making the reference to indicate that we need to attone for the changes we made in order to once again go back to the good ole days.

Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio Lyrics 5 years ago
ok..i can get behind the idea that not having a car radio might cause you to think more..but to kill yourself? I think the idea of the song isn't that unbearable silence leads him to 'pulling the steering wheel' but his deep thoughts about the world/society does it.

Twenty One Pilots – Forest Lyrics 5 years ago
i feel like the eye lash thing is supposed to be much more literally taken for some reason. I've found myself doing it, so i related it. Sometimes things youre so used to just seem a little different, you see from a different perspective and you feel insignificant.

I get that his treehouse is his escape or even his dreams or hopes, referencing his childlike aspirations. But as he grew up, through all the changes that took place in his life, he inadvertently set fire to those dreams....aka he changed to degree where he can't go back.

Twenty One Pilots – Clear Lyrics 5 years ago
It's a song about all his other songs. He's asking do you like my songs because of the beat? Or are you actually listening to the words and understanding what he's saying. You can't change peoples hearts and minds by sitting on the street corner spouting out your beliefs.

Instead, he chose to write his feelings through song and attack peoples thoughts and preconceptions by cleverly phrasing his opinions and ideas through his music.

Twenty One Pilots – Forest Lyrics 5 years ago
The chorus:

Down in the forest we'll sing a chorus
One that everybody knows
Hands held higher, we'll be on fire
Singing songs that nobody wrote

--- I am one to believe that all people yearn for something more. However, we all get trapped in our own little lives, our problems, and the ways we cope. Breaking out of tradition is scary.

One of my favorite lines from any song comes from NOFX's the decline:

"Only moron and genius
Would fight a losing battle
Against the super ego
When giving in is so damn comforting

And so we go, on with our lives
We know the truth, but prefer lies
Lies are simple, simple is bliss
Why go against tradition when we can
Admit defeat, live in decline
Be the victim of our own design
The status quo, built on suspect
Why would anyone stick out their neck?"

Heading to the forest, a place outside of society, we all sing the same song, the underlying will to want something more out of life, but we sing a song no one knew, which means we walk our own path.

This is a sentiment I truly believe. People have become so content with being a cog that the term 'individual' is slowly disappearing. Hence, "Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name?"

I really relate with squinting of your eyes. It might not happen often, and when it does, it doesn't last long, but you see something in from a different perspective.

Great song.

Brandon Flowers – Only The Young Lyrics 5 years ago
i took the opening verse to be about the changing times. If he was alluding to his parents, it would be about how they as a generation are better than us.

Brandon Flowers – Only The Young Lyrics 5 years ago
i think its more about looking toward the warm light of the sign. the opposite of darkness. While, its the same idea, i think he's not directly relating to religion.

The Killers – Battle Born Lyrics 7 years ago
kevlane, youre an idiot.

The Killers – Be Still Lyrics 7 years ago
Like most of the killers songs, Be Still has a lot of meanings. You can take almost any experience in your life and relate it in one way or another to the lyrics in a Killers song. Its one of the main reason I love this band.

This whole album is...well...awe inspiring. It took a while to get into for me, as I initially was very disappointed. I didn't like the sound, and didn't quite get the lyrics. <-This is big!. A definite requirement is learning the words of each song and seeing the connection they have with each other. The meaning you get from each song will grow exponentially each time you listen to the album.

Be Still is a GREAT lead up to Battle Born, which inherently discusses the change America has gone through in the past years, referencing how the 'boys have turned soft and the girls have gone wild.' The album seems to be describing a history of a relationship and the hardships that come from its inevitable end, tying it together with an analogy that describes American culture. "When they knock you Down" shows up in this song. Its the main chorus in Battle Born. Of course the lyrics themselves sound as if Flowers is giving advice, which he most likely is. But he is also mirroring the symbolic imagery of the American dream.

Another recurring theme pops up, which is the constantly referred to idea of maintaining ones innocence (Listen to Great Big Sled). This song does a really good idea of summing up a lot of the themes from other songs into one list of advice

Keep in mind that this is a song, and the lyrics themselves aren't the only thing to express a message. The tone of the song is somber, almost like a farewell. It brings you into a serious attitude and one that really makes you focus on the words.

In short...this song is awesome.

The Airborne Toxic Event – All I Ever Wanted Lyrics 7 years ago
My immediate thought process for this song related to my relationship. I can't tell if this band is on the same emotional wavelength as me...i dont think so. But heres my thought on the lyrics:

Like everyone else has said, its about a couple with relationship problems. the way it rings home with me is in the lyrics, "I can tell you that you're all i've ever wanted dear, I can utter ever word you've ever hoped to hear."

Its not that the couple are breaking up..its just the opposite. They are stuck in a failing relationship with no way out. The guy has become trained to say what the girl wants to hear. The girl, to me, sounds as if she wants the relationship to last, but can ever so slightly tell that the guy is checking out.

The Airborne Toxic Event – All I Ever Wanted Lyrics 7 years ago
Correct Words from latest MP3
I'll star the lines that were corrected:

*I can only say these things to you *while you're sleeping.
*I hear the hum from the wires, the sounds of the morning *creeping.
I lie awake pretending you can hear me.

You tell me you're scared that you're turning into your mother.
I feel myself turn into my father.
*We could lie to each other like they do and say we're *so happy.
It's easy when you're young and you still want it so badly.
*N'I feel my heart pounding and think I might scream.

I can tell you that you're all I've ever wanted, Dear.
I can utter every word you've ever hoped to hear.
*I shudder when I think *that I might not be here forever, forever, forever.

*All the nights *you whisper like ghosts and you look so shaken.
You're so quiet and small, you tell me you want to be taken.
I just never think of you as the kind of girl who would say that.
You suddenly seem like some faceless thing in my grasp.

*Your eyes *so wide, your face aglow.
It's the face of someone I don't know.

I can tell you that you're all I've ever wanted, Dear.
I can utter every word you've ever hoped to hear.
*I shudder when I think *that I might not be here forever, forever, forever.

And all I can think is that it must be a kind of rebellion -
To arm your fears like soldiers and slay them.

*I can tell *that you that you're all I ever wanted, Dear,
Through the din of your breathing while you're sleeping here,
You wake and ask me if I'm going to be here forever, forever, forever.
Your face so twisted and your eyes alight,
I want to tell you I can change it when you cry at night, but I'd be lying.

Love is defying.

The Killers – When You Were Young Lyrics 8 years ago
please let me explain this song:

Brandon Flowers I can tell is a lot like myself. The way he views relationships and innocence. The clearest indication of this is in their x-mas release, "A Great Big Sled"

This song follows the same idea of innocence. He acknowledges that as you grow you lose that innocence. When you a kid, you dream of prince charming, or in this case, "Jesus" because you are raised as good religious (i want to say christian) girl.

The girl in this song in particular lost her innocence....just as the majority of "slutty" girls do nowadays. They lose all respect and can only attract degenerates and jerks, and then wonder why they can't find a good guy.

Well, I give Brandon props for being the type of guy he is. In his song he acknowledges that its OK to make some mistakes. To dip your feet in the devils water. Essentially saying he understands the urge to do crazy things. But if you do it too much its going to get bitter.

But then, this girl finds some guys that respects her and treats her just how she imagined when she was younger.

The problem is, this girl doesn't know what to do or how to act.

Can we climb this mountain? Obvious reference to 'I got you Babe' (Put your little hand in mine, and there aint no mountain, you and I can't climb."

Can the relationship last? They don't know, but they are trying.

The main line here is, "he doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but more than you'll ever know"

This references the fact that the guy is "saving" her from her disruptive past.

Its a song for all those girls out there that dreamed of something more in life, but seemed to have gotten stuck with dirt. Brandon is essentially saying, "don't give up, some guy out there can save you, but he might not look like you think he will."

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks Lyrics 8 years ago
I got the eerie feeling that the husband passed away but continued watching her as a ghost.

The empty house she is referring to is the fact that he is not there. Notice, he is the one constantly responding to her, implying he can hear her, but she can't hear him.

The just overall calmness implies to me that they are not arguing with each other.

The girl is trying to forget him and move on, but keeps having thoughts of him throughout the day, until finally she cracks and they realize they are better off without each other, or will see each other later.

not to mention i think the lyrics are written incorrectly.

"you've gone gone gone away

i watched you dissapear.

all thats left is a ghost of you

now we're torn torn torn apart,

theres nothing we can do.

just let me go, and [we'll] meet again soon."

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