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Post Malone – Sunflower Lyrics 1 year ago
I agree with the well written comments here, just one thing to add:

Sunflowers follow the sun. They'll move with the suns rays to catch more light. I think the artists are considering themselves the sun (and a lot of relationships end up this way, with one person worshiping the other), and the girl is the sunflower since she'll turn to them to get affection no matter the state of the relationship.

It's a shitty dynamic both for the person who's the subject of affection ("I think your love would be too much") and the person who's so focused on not losing them. No one wins in this kind of relationship.

Frightened Rabbit – I Feel Better Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is a sequel to "Snake", the writer spoke of it in an interview. Snake doesn't make any references to New York, but it's about him traveling to NY to meet his soon-to-be-ex with nothing but himself and an IKEA draft excluder (snake).

It doesn't work out. He leaves NY. And this song comes out.

Personally, I feel like this song is an attempt to feel better, given that he's essentially just had to face the reality of the break up. The real pain hasn't hit yet (it does in the subsequent songs). Theres a certain exhileration after a breakup, regardless of how you feel afterwards.

...or the song was written later than the others, and was just placed in the front of the album due to the sound. :)

Frightened Rabbit – Living in Colour Lyrics 9 years ago
Their first album is called "Sing the Greys". Seems like someone doesn't have the greys anymore. :)

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