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Elvis Costello – Watching the Detectives Lyrics 7 years ago
[i]"...seems to say something about our callousness as consumers."[/i]
And your comment says so much about you, such is its tenuousness! Callousness as consumers, indeed! Ha! Projection, anyone?

Joni Mitchell – My Old Man Lyrics 7 years ago
It's about her lover at the time, Graham Nash. "We don't need no piece of paper from the City Hall, keeping us tight and true" is Mitchell's way of saying she doesn't need (nor want) to get married. She famously rejected Nash's marriage proposal.

I Am Kloot – Twist Lyrics 7 years ago
It's quite literal; you don't need to look for metaphors here. It's written in the voice of a man who has just killed the love of his life after she ended the relationship. "There's blood on your legs, I love you" - blood from a stab wound maybe? "Twist, snap - I love you" - that's her neck broken, and it's all over for her. "Fall in this ocean with me" suggests he intends to do himself in after he's ended her life.
Very, very dark. And possibly completely wrong, but that's how I hear it anyway.

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