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Train – Drops of Jupiter Lyrics 7 years ago
If any of you ever saw the interviews where Train talked about the writing of this song, you would know that what they did was take those "word magnets" and let an infant arrange them into lines, and the unaltered result was this song, which you can tell from the lyrics.

Scorpions – Send Me An Angel Lyrics 8 years ago
As far as I know, in Scripture, only Jesus is referred to as the "morning star." Lucifer is the "star that fell from heaven." Of course, those who have only seen the movie Dogma as opposed to reading the actual Bible would say that Lucifer is the morning star, but no, it's not in the Scriptures. Lucifer is not the morning star.

Pat Benatar – Hell Is For Children Lyrics 8 years ago
What I don't get is how people know child abuse goes on and then don't think Hell exists. To quote Ben Stone from Law and Order, "I hope there’s an afterlife, the penal code is insufficient for some crimes."

Adele – Someone Like You Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow, not even close.

Steve Winwood – Higher Love Lyrics 9 years ago
Sorry, haters gonna hate, but this without doubt about God. Lyrics written by Will Jennings. Even the line "I could make the sun shine from pure desire" fits in. Scripture says that Christ views the Church as His bride, and that He loves the Church passionately, as a groom loves his bride. If you know that love, you know that the line fits perfectly with this song being about the higher love of God.

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