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R.E.M. – You Are The Everything Lyrics 9 years ago
I think after writing allot of songs about heavy political activism, Stipe desired to explore some more universal themes. I find this song to be a bit of a prequel to what Out of Time would become as an album. This song does not feel like it fits in the context of Green, but it is no less beautiful as a result. Its a very simple song about feeling loved, safe and at peace.

R.E.M. – Find The River Lyrics 9 years ago
Automatic for the People is my favorite album, and Find the River may be my favorite track on it. The entire album deals with different stages of life, from youth, to mid life crisis, to death, and at points the record does take the listener to a melancholy place. I'm fairly certain Find the River was chosen for the final track very purposefully. Like other tracks on the record it is a song about nearing the end, but instead of feeling any bitterness or regret, they rejoice in a great hope that someone they love will experience all the beauty that they have as the cycle of life continues. It offers a peace of mind knowing that loved ones will follow to see and experience the beauty of life beyond your own years. It takes Automatic for the People full circle and offers the listener a grand sense of hope despite loss.

I often think of my Grandmother who has passed when I hear this song. The lessons she taught me, the hope that she instilled in me. She knew near the end, that life, its much bigger than ones self, its how you impact others, how you love, so that you in an essence can live beyond the grave through the people that cared about you.

That's what I believe Find the River is about.

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