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Opeth – In Mist She Was Standing Lyrics 9 years ago
The most obvious lyrics of Opeth discography.

Tells the story of a man that rides a horse through the cold autumn. He's trying to travel the faster possible to meet her beloved one for the last time. She's dead and he gives her a last kiss before the funeral. As he kisses her he feels the coldness of her body. She possess him for the last time through that cold kiss.

Opeth – Advent Lyrics 9 years ago
I've you ever concidered he is maybe talking to himself. I mean, i feel like he's talking to a past him, someone that did something so terrible he forced himself to forget. Yet sometimes de memories pop up and take him face who he once was.

Yet it's just an idea, this song is misterious.

Opeth – The Leper Affinity Lyrics 9 years ago
Ok Ok Ok... I created an account just for this song. I've listen to this so many times and saw the lyrics even more often. First of all YES ! it's about rape and murder NO there's no leprosy in this. A leper is also and outcast which is the case here. The last sentence confirm it "It was worth it for the wait alone". Is a way to say, it's my vengeance to the world. Ok lets take the lyrics part by part.

"We entered Winter once again"
Keep in mind that's the first lyrics of the album, it means we forgot the happy ending of still life : this is gonna be raw and cold, like winter.

"Naked, freezing from my breath"
Have you ever felt the breath of someone in your neck ?

"Neath the lid all limbs tucked away
This coffin is your abode from now"
He's above, she can't move

"Your body is mine to avail
Such a tragic sight you are
Slave under my creed
Spurring me with those tears"
This is were insanity begins, feeling all powerful makes him bursting in madness

"I am beyond death"
A lot of murderers, rapists etc... felt the same when they commited their crimes, feeling like god because you play with the life of someone

"Midst a dreaming affinity
Saving strength now, faint whispers
Come erotic communion in its splendour
Fever mirrored ghosts"
She lost strength and resigned to fight, she let him do the dirty job, he fucks her

"Night time consolation, cross the line
Draw murder into art
Sleep inside through days
In the wake of this relief
Shivering, longing for more
Insanity at it's peak
Love me to my death"
He kills her, obvious enough : night means death, "cross the line" "Insanity at it's peak"

"Lost are days of Spring
You sighted and let me in
Keep the beast inside
Shackled within my hide
Screaming out too late
Losing to my hate
Grew together with your skin
And paced the trails of sin"
I can pretty much see the scene clearly. His madness stoped, he stand amazed, got scared. Then he talk to her, yell, and tell her it's her fault. MAAAAN i can almost see his eyes, in a mix of surprize, fear and anger.

"Your gaze covered with virgin snow
Rigid features
It's the shallow deeds who is to blame
Deafening shrieks pierced the night
A step from oblivion
Moving into the dim lights
Hiding within a reverie"
He now looks at the body, starting to get covered by fresh snow, the beauty of the white constrast with the horror of the murder. He feels like in a dream, unreal.

"It was worth it for the wait alone"
Like a cry against sociaty that made him an outcast.

This song is perfect and very vivid

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