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The Naked And Famous – Young Blood Lyrics 7 years ago
The line that sticks out for me, is 'fall back in love eventually'. Maybe it is because I'm old (31), but I hear this song and believe in the songwriters gift for a realistic view of life, at a young age. From what I understand, these are fairly young individuals, and the WORD that stands out in the line I mentioned is 'BACK', because the writer is not only saying they will find love, but they will fall 'BACK'. Love is a DISTRACTION, when young (I suppose, is the best way to put it). And for now, even for so young, The Naked And Famous are acknowledging what they will 'give up', I suppose, for this driving creativity that they must explore. And when I say 'explore', please, realize, I mean "WORK". They dropped out of school, I read? (Googled them, read an interview) They believe they're calling is in what they are DRIVEN TO DO, not what they are QUALIFIED to do. This is a song about one's own path.

To lyrically describe that, while in the process of EXPERIENCING it, (again I will say, at a young age) is not just writing or making music, it is translating life. That is why it is a great song. It is a pure interpretation of the songwriter's experience in life. Many write, some relate, few TELL. It is pretty because it is true.

Have I misinterpreted the meaning of this song, from the point of view of the songwriter? Very likely. Have I misinterpreted what the song means to me? Impossible.

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