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Slipknot – Snuff Lyrics 2 years ago
Of course, good luck with the paper!
Sorry about the double tag I posted too early :P

Slipknot – Snuff Lyrics 2 years ago

Slipknot – Snuff Lyrics 8 years ago
Each part is about love, but each section is different.

Part one is is about how he wants her to stay away. It's fate to be alone, and these things only cause pain for him and those involved. It's too late to save him so don't give him false hope by making him fall in love.

Part two is after they breakup. He still remembers the good times they had, however long ago. She was making things better, but things got to hard and she left him, at least romantically. She was overwhelmed by his problem(s), and tried to support him as a friend. He thinks that her reasoning is bad and refuses to even listen to her. He can't be her friend, but he also can't hate her because they were so close. It's her own fault because he told her he was too messed up, but she didn't listen. She was his last hope for being better, and he had to give all hope to accept that she's gone.

The third part is where he is avoiding her attempts to help. He has a stone will, and she'll break herself trying to get through to him. She can pity him if she wants but it's no difference to him. She gave up on him because she was too weak to stay with him, like he predicted. He doesn't want to hear the reasons why. She left just like everyone else, so the reasons don't really matter. Hope keeps making it seem like there's a chance for him, but it is ultimately manipulation that messes with his head. This always happens to him, and he gives one last warning to stay away. Even if she does really love him, it will only cause more pain. So just stay away, he doesn't want to have hope again just so it can die again.

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