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The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter Lyrics 7 years ago
I think everybody here is right to some extent.

This song clearly has multiple meanings. The initial two verses seem to indicate the Vietnam war and how people could be eradicated from the planet and from life with just a "shot." The third verse seems to indicate violent protesting and likely altamont. The fourth verse with the high pitched "rape, murder its just a shot away" likely indicates heroin use (and maybe the excessive drug abuse at altamont). The distorted guitar after the verse sounds like a druggy shot into the veins, and the piercing screams of Ms. Clayton seem to infer drug use (regardless of what the band says, a mainstream band like the Rolling Stones would never admit to blatant heroin references, so they instead imply it). The ending it's just a kiss away likely refers to Richards and Mick Jagger's wife's affair.

This song is essentially about living on the edge how life can change so fast at anytime. You could be happy one moment, and be blown up, have a horrible drug addiction or be cheating on your wife. The song has multiple meanings and is very 60s. Top ten rock songs of all time for sure.

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