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Silversun Pickups – It's Nice to Know You Work Alone Lyrics 7 years ago
Like many people above I think this song is about a relationship that has come to a close. The narrator of the song was in a relationship where he/she felt very strongly towards his /her partner but never felt that same level of love in return (unrequited love). During the breakup, the former partner lets them know that they still want to be friends. I think that the word "work" in the recurring line and title of the song means work in the sense of operate or function. It's a sarcastic way of saying its nice to know that you can get along with your day to day activities w/o me.

it's the beauty of confession
in the sound when the levees break
and all the air is wrong
[confession of not feeling the same way towards someone and the rush of emotions that]
[follows as the levees break]

redesigning the connection
[changing from lovers to friendship]
a composition painted on my face
with a smile drawn on
drawn on
[trying to act like everything is cool and "be friends"]

sit back and breathe
[so i try to relax]
it's nice to know you work alone
[it's nice to know that you don't need me - sarcasm]
my head is reeling
[can't believe that this is happening]

disembody the infection
with water marks on the pillow case
and all my nerves turned on
[love has become an infection, get rid of it by crying and being irritable]

overriding the obsession
[realizing that maybe it wasnt love but it was an obsession]
to take it all and be on my way
[take all the benefits that were got out of the relationship and move on]
dragging the lead along
[like a dog that was on a lead/leash and followed their lover whereever they wanted]
[and had unconditional love]

but all the grace is gone
but the reveal is gone
[the relationship has come to a close, all the previous things that were there are gone]

reaching the serene
[finally come to the realization of what happened and are at peace with it bc there is]
[a resolution]

my hands stopped bleeding
[i finally stopped working so hard to be with you and please you]

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