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The Mars Volta – Imago Lyrics 7 years ago
Probably my favorite song off the new album.

The Mars Volta – Since We've Been Wrong Lyrics 7 years ago
This version of the lyrics seems to be the most complete. Although to me it sounds like he's saying "One day your reign will come to wash away"

Portugal. The Man – You Carried Us (Share With Me The Sun) Lyrics 8 years ago
Blah... how could I mess up the easiest part? I got it confused with the other track. Thanks!

Portugal. The Man – 1000 Years Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is very haunting. The overall mood this song provokes is strange, but amazing.

Portugal. The Man – All Your Light (Times Like These) Lyrics 8 years ago
You're missing a part after
"it's like my daddy says
you gotta use your head"
I'm pretty sure it's
"My body won't work for nobody but me son
No one said that angels bleed"

Portugal. The Man – Senseless Lyrics 8 years ago
I love the chorus in this song.

Portugal. The Man – And I Lyrics 8 years ago
I think portugal. the man songs can be interpreted in several different ways. it's what makes them awesome. also this song is amazing. seriously, best song by ptm.

Dead Meadow – Beyond the Fields We Know Lyrics 8 years ago
All time favorite song by these guys. Incredible wah, I love it.

Dead Meadow – Good Moanin' Lyrics 8 years ago
Obviously, this is about a dude getting stoned at his house and he is paranoid because people are knocking on his door and calling his phone. He just wants to be left alone and toke it up.

Portugal. The Man – Sleep Forever Lyrics 8 years ago
My favorite song off the new album by far. Deep meaningful lyrics, with that blissful portugal sound. Love it.

The Black Angels – Black Grease Lyrics 8 years ago
My favorite song on Passover, fun to play on the guitar too!

The Black Angels – Black Angel Exit/Shine Lyrics 8 years ago
I'm iffy on these lines
"My friends teach me what they're learning
My friends hate it while I'm hurting"
Someone might want to listen to this song over and say what they think.

Dead Meadow – Rocky Mtn High Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is definitely about this guy doing so many psychedelics and smoking so much weed that he believes now that he is apart of the collective consciousness of the Universe, which encompasses everything from animals ("I'm the cautious deer on the mountainside , and the great owl flying through the night sky") to the so called "creator of spaces" (A god like being?), and even extraterrestrial life ("like a traveler of far away places"). I believe the next few verses can be explained as some sort of ritual that takes place within the forest. Dressing in ritualistic attire, where a group of friends (Maybe the band themselves...?) can experience the collective nature of the Universe.

This final verse, "You'd think the message might ring clear.", is an clue behind the meaning of the song. The most obvious answer is the true one.

Well that's what I think, but I am pretty high.

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