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Silent Love Of Death – Sweet Death Lyrics 4 years ago
Another lyric about the beautiful side of death.
A calm and accepting smile is given to the body: Accepting death, and silently accepting the viewers desire to understand her final rest.

Silent Love Of Death – Crown of the Hill Lyrics 4 years ago
The crown of the hill is a grave.
And it is a beautifully profound resting place.
This is wonderful.

Silent Love Of Death – Semper Eadem Lyrics 4 years ago
Sorry for the all-caps.. I copied this straight from the bands site, too lazy to write it in small font.

The song is loaded with much meaning.

Though it is something of a cliché to say "love is a lie", I don't think I've ever seen it phrased as well as here: Pain is not strange, The simple sorrow is the usual mode of feeling, and what love has to offer is just a short, momentarily escape and intoxication.
But "Cease your searching at this time"; you should stop trying to see the truth in everything. Give up to the false joys, live the unrealistical dream, may it lead to bankrupty, love, or sickness of the liver. At least you've lived

Agalloch – Kneel To The Cross Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Moonshielded:4603] I don't think a strong faith needs you choosing your songs to support it. If there be a God, I don't think he judges you by whether your songs praise him or not , it is your good will in life that matters.

Agalloch – Kneel To The Cross Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Moonshielded:4601] I did see the satire, of course. My comment was written at a time when I was equally irritated by hate towards christianity, and hate towards atheism or other religions. So I chose to feed the opposite flame. Nowadays I see the shortcomings of christianity much more clearly.

Moonspell – Soulsick Lyrics 9 years ago
To me this seems obvious, the teller is hurt inside, but doesn't let it show, thus "soulsick but skindeep"

"the one who never slept
in order to be perfected
the arrogance of their hands
the joy of the regret"

He's spent his whole life perfecting himself, bbut he gets no real responce for his good will from the people, thus "arrogance of their hands", the joy of the regret is what it feels like to let go of the uncredited goodwill..

"The one who never slept
The one who stays erect
The one who is perfect
The one I do reject"

This is the one he rejects, the uncredited perfection, the one that wasn't worth the effort..

"I'm only real at places I cannot be"
there are groups of people who seem more used to dealing with the dark sides of the psyche, but he doesn't dare to be real there, they are too strong personalities, instead he's real with the popular people who always show that delicious shock when he tells he likes the tears and what not..

Agalloch – Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires Lyrics 9 years ago
What a wonderfull combination of loneliness in the moment, and hope in the afterlife..
They seem to depict the ghosts as friendly creatures, who hide themselves just to avoid scaring others.. but always leaving traces of themselves..
but the singer, he has not even the ghost to keep company to him.. he's even lonelier than one who holds the memory or a ghost of someone.

SToa – La Lune Blanche Lyrics 9 years ago
The original poem is by Paul Verlaine

SToa – La Lune Blanche Lyrics 9 years ago
ok.. I'm going to translate this to english, but my french isn't perfect, so there might be a mistake or two..

'The white moon'

The white moon,
Shines in the trees;
From every branch
Parts a voice
under the leaves...

O Loved one,
The pond reflects,
A profound mirror.
The silhouette,
Of the dark willow
Where the wind cries.

Dream, it is the moment

A vast and tender
Seems to descend
From the sky
as the star glimmers

That is the exquisite moment.

SToa – Drinking Song Lyrics 9 years ago
this was written by William Butler Yeats when a woman he had long been in love with, married another man.

Wine or love, all the same, both intoxicate, both fog the thought..
but sometimes it seems better not to feel, think and to know..
that's all we can know for sure, before finally we die and see if there's really a better place.

"I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and I sigh."
Drink and love, one he got, the other goes unattainable.

SToa – So Many Clouds Lyrics 9 years ago
it's not only about suicide, it's also about mortality and the passing of time and passing of things.. and about living in the moment.

I've read about a doctor saying that people are like the clouds, they come and go, it doesn't keep them from being beautiful, and your love is like the sky, it is constant, and doesn't change.. in any case, if you let them go, they never will come back, it's also up to you, whether you keep the people in your life.

"How many years we'll live
How many things we'll give
What happens if we go?"

this reminds us that we don't have an eternity on earth, and if we were stoics, we should count how many things we can give during this time, or if it is more important for us to live for ourselves.

Xiu Xiu – Buzz Saw Lyrics 9 years ago
"I think your acne is like a pearl", is really "your ugly is like a pearl"

Xiu Xiu – The Pineapple Vs. The Watermelon Lyrics 9 years ago
ok, so the mothers are already on the other side, and identified by others on this thread, some questions are left though.. why he (propably jamies father) killed himself, and whats the green/grey like flame others saw in him..

"someone felt something pure
and told it all to you
that was why you killed yourself
to prove it wasn't true"


"we're all and have been
on your side
what is worse for you to bear?"

it all points to the same reason for his suicide.. he's so used to feeling he's being hated and perhaps bullied over, that when people start to show him their love, he doesn't feel familiar to his own feelings anymore, but rather out of place, which is so heavy for him to bear, that he finally kills himself..

Grey and green like flame, possibly like different colours of the flame of passion.. green, envious; grey, dry

Xiu Xiu – Wig Master Lyrics 9 years ago
it is definitely about distance in a relationship.. someone above quoted jamie saying it's about cheating on relationships too..

from the song:
"don't make fun of my night out"
perhaps he was finally about to tell he's been cheating.. and he feared he'd be made fun of over the fact..

"You don't think of me as often as I'd like you to, but when you do it's of me looking for you on the ship."
her looking for him on the ship describes a feeling of being lost and lonely, not finding him..

"The plane I'm waiting on has your face printed on the wings, when it crashes I'll eat the paint off."
he's the one she's waiting for, the plane is their relationship, if their relationship crashes, she'll swallow his face, so a new face can be painted.. he's not irreplacable, and the woman knows it. of course, as relationships go, the irreplacibility comes with many many years of being together..

"I'm going to spank your ass so hard you'll hate the wig master, but I'll put two pillows on your dining room chair."
Describes a feeling of selfhate, which sometimes shows itself as him spaking her as a way of directing the hate outwards, other times it shows itself as him trying to make things better..

"You're like a parrot, something that belongs to me and not to you."
he feels like she has no opinions of her own.. she only copies what he says.. she never fights him back when he spanks her, such a creature with no will.. but would it leave him with less to hate if she fought back.. perhpas not.

"If you mail me a toy I'll use it but that's the most I have to offer."
She won't be thinking of him when she uses the gifts he has given.

"Do you want to see my panties?" "I want to finger every teenager I see"
That's what he thinks of her..

Xiu Xiu – The Fox & The Rabbit Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it is all about this being the second last song from the album.. it's time for the listener to go out and take time to cuss, because jamie thinks they've seen quite enough selfhate when listening to the album, "do you think that you deserve it" is to make the listener question themselves, whether they should listen or not.. I think jamie does very good, listenable music, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel the hate in his songs much more strongly himself.

Xiu Xiu – Save Me Save Me Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow.. I would totally have fallen for the plastic surgery interpretation.. but just what did 'Swedishwhat?' find.. Wonderfull..

From the interview with Jamie:
"..At the time the song was written we were not in a relationship but having crazy sex -- there was lots of blood. It's also about deep regret and that, sometimes, deep regret is hot."

from the song:

"it would be a strange delite
no eyes no nose no mind"

I still think the plastic surgery, as Kittensincement pointed out, is there, but it is made for the delight of being cut..

"oh how can you love a tiny bug impressed
by the night when you cut yourself?
save me save me"

The tiny bug understands your feeling of power when prove you can cut yourself.. how lovely is that..

"your body rotten as the last melon on the vine
pull your shirt down
save me save me"

Her "Body rotten" is her self hate, which Jamie wants his share of.. propably because he's so used to hating himself, that he needs to fortify the feeling not to feel out of place..

"press my thumb onto your tongue"

Make me make you feel like it's hard to breath and to swallow.. literally. some people do anything to feel, to feel anything at all..

"the white poem of self hate stays with you
even though you know a chance to cut
is still a chance to cure
pull your legs apart"

if one hates himself for wanting to cut himself with a knife, he eventually becomes frustrated about hating something that hasn't happened, then nothing makes one more proud of himself than proving that it can actually be done..
carrying ones self hate in proud scars of the body, may feel better than hating and fearing ones own mind.. "Pull your legs apart" is because she has found out that proving her selfhate gives her pleasure, and found out a new way of hating herself, that is, connecting the knifeplay and sex. the cycle strenghtens and may be dangerous.

Xiu Xiu – Hello from Eau Claire Lyrics 9 years ago
Krhm, another interpretation from me.. I think it's an age-unrelevant relationship, where the woman singing wants to be treated as an equal, but the man always thinks of her as a child that needs to be given presents, taken care of and fed with chocolate all the time..

Xiu Xiu – Bishop, CA Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm still wrong, I know because it reads "Your fading wine colored Cavaliere", which means the person talked about as 'you' is wishing for rescue, but it is also the 'you' that shares milk and sugar water in 'brief sympathy' with 'them', who are doubtlessly the hostages..

Xiu Xiu – Bishop, CA Lyrics 9 years ago
This one seems to have a meaning, that for me is a bit harder to crack.. let's see..

"this blue dot of sickly light
that is daytime in your embarassed town"
-to me, the blue dot seems like all that you can see of the sky from the bottom of the well, where you're imprisoned

"burns a hole in the fading yellow ribbon
on your fading wine colored Cavaliere"
-"Yellow ribbon" has been used for various purposes, notably, for the support of the hostages of something called the iran hostage crisis, calling it the "cavaliere", too, points to an imaginary hero whom the hostages wish to free them from the well.

"the mine has fallen down on you
as you dug a well of death
milk and sugar water
in brief sympathy with them"

-The town mentioned before might be thought of as being in the subjects (who is talked about as 'you') 'ownership', so the 'you' isn't living in the town in the bottom of the well.. and the mine falling down on him, means that he didn't succeed to keep his hostages alive and well being, thus 'well of death'..

I might be far off, but the rest seems to follow from this interpretation.

"the mine has crushed your brother"
-might mean that his brother found out about the mine, and got killed or anything

Xiu Xiu – PJ in the Streets... Lyrics 9 years ago
"Night in, night out, Love begins, love ends" -Perhaps it isn't such a huge tragedy as death in the family, it could be the divorce of the singers parents..

"My brother and sister and I" -places the singer among the children of the family.

"The red sun rises, Sadness is still in print" -Yer Ma said Red sun is a popular tabloid newspaper, if the family is popular, even their divorces are many days in the newspaper.

Xiu Xiu – Vulture Piano Lyrics 9 years ago
there's another interpretation too.. because of the line "boyhood slipping in blood"

perhaps the one to hide was the first time sex of the one the song is about, and he hides it and says he's still a virgin.. also I first missed "in blood" which must be the blood from the hymen which sometimes happens when the virginity is taken

Xiu Xiu – Vulture Piano Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't see much here pointing towards it being a rape, instead I think the singer is speaking to someone who is cheating him with his wife.. or cheating someone else with someone elses wife, as well..

"Deep lack of quilt" and "fools sence of love" refer to the cheater who thinks of his hidden conquest as being just as true as the married love of the couple.

Xiu Xiu – Hello from Eau Claire Lyrics 9 years ago
"I know it's dumb to say
That you are on my mind"
-I think it's her parents that are on her mind, unless she's in love

"I know it's stupid to dream,
that you might think of me as a man" -I think Both gender and age question of a freaked out teenager
"I can buy my own cigarettes" -makes me think of the age question
"I can rip off my own thigths" -makes me think of the gender question

so the teenage girl can buy her own cigarettes so she thinks she can do anything now.. like play with gender roles..

Xiu Xiu – Buzz Saw Lyrics 9 years ago
I haven't heard much of the album yet, but I think when Jamie says

"Don't say teach me
before you get tied up for your first time

I'm not like that"

means Jamie relates the word Teach with fetish-plays, and he's reminded of them when Daniella says so, whether he likes it or not.. "I'm not like that" is what he keeps telling himself, for his own, and for Daniellas sake, but in reality, that's just what he wants..

The middle part, about hair, tells me he hates himself for being such a hard person inside.

Sol Invictus – Believe Me Lyrics 9 years ago
One possible interpretation is that the crime spoken of in the first verse, was something so small, as lettin the child skate on the ice of a lake that wasn't thick enough, "like a child playing with a knife" meaning that she's in danger.
The ice breaks and she drowns, so with tears of sorrow and rage they lower her into her grave..

the thin ice in turn can be anything that's not safe, like late night television, if she's too young.

Sol Invictus – Oh What Fun Lyrics 9 years ago
the [??] parts are:

We plot and plunder, or are slain
Then back on the wheel, roles exchanged

Agalloch – Kneel To The Cross Lyrics 9 years ago
"And it's ever so wrong to dare to be strong
So kneel to the cross on the wall":

It is true that kneeling to the cross can often be seen as giving up on life, hoping for someone else to take control over it, and it is true that the cross doesn't answer your prayers, instead theres a sculpture of a grotesquely nailed, dying and beaten man to make you more depressed and perhaps ultimately freak you out if you visit too often..
You can take an alternate view of this though, in the modern church it is also taught as the symbol of the afterlife, and most don't look at it as a sculpture, but only as a promise that their dead loved ones are at a better place, which can give strenght to carry on

"Whether burnt at the stake or drunk at the wake
Just kneel to the cross on the wall":

Even if you're going to be burnt as a witch, you should praise the lord for perhaps letting you in after you've repented your false faith.. And no, being a believer doesn't pay for your sin when you're drunk at the wake..

All in all.. christian faith is better today than hundred years back, but it still shouldn't be the only possibility... the good thing about christianity is that it gives many a person a way to express his good will.

Agalloch – A Desolation Song Lyrics 9 years ago
Life is poison, death is cure.. and he's poisoning himself witht the liquor, which makes him love life, the sickness..

Agalloch – In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion Lyrics 9 years ago
perhaps it seems like being in the shadow means being inferior to the pale companion, who still sounds a lot like death.

Agalloch – In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion Lyrics 9 years ago
Moon, perhaps, does moon light up the ligths of awareness in the dark and shadow of moonlight stand for the dark side, awareness of death.. I don't know too much about the mythical meanings of moonlight..

Virgin Black – I Sleep With The Emperor Lyrics 9 years ago
I shivered, in the warmth of their god:
Their(not the singers) god, is warm, but makes the singer shiver, terrified, perhaps.. So

His body will cradle his brides:
She seeks for more human, more real warmth, naked in silk in the romance filled mansion, with someone called the emperor

Mortality ebbs from me:
this seems open to interpretation, perhaps whoever she's in the mansion with isn't just a human being after all.. some say jesus is the second tree of paradise, the one that gives eternal life.. or is it satan..

The pendulum sings, twelve times it rings, I sleep with the emperor:
Who ever the emperor is.. Twelve strokes of the clock.. Midnight, and/or a Hard condemnation/judgement.

Virgin Black – Museum Of Iscariot Lyrics 9 years ago
few years back when I listened to this song much more, I felt a lot of meaning to all of the parts.. Here are some insights:

Companions since birth in this stagnant dingy haunt:
companions, means he was always a hero of the singer, who was suffering this 'stagnant dingy haunt', perhaps some sort of horror or psychosis

He never really lived:
The singer thinks Jesus was a good person, but from all his good doing, he missed all the fun things in life..

Last night I beat him, as he would not leave:
The singer hates jesus for being more beautiful than himself, so he beats and rapes him in envy.

He curls up like a fetus and paints his face with sadness:
this response of jesus makes him even more interestin, beautiful and good willing character.. finally making even the singer shed a tear of remorse

I bandage his wounds, I kiss the face of jesus christ, but he is dead:
The singer takes remorse, but he's too late, jesus has died, and his faith has no more meaning..

Called yourself messiah, expected me to follow:
His beauty should have been obvious sing to follow, instead the singer became envious of it, trying to take the beauty away instead of taking it as an ideal for himself

I will bury him not, as an insult to your face:
the singer chooses not to forget the death of jesus, instead he thinks to keep it as a sing of victory, for he was able to take away the beauty..

One detail disturbs me, his cold, stark finger points where I have not been..:
Worn out of the battle against the beauty of jesus, the singer takes one more look at the body, and sees a sing, to get any true rest from his life, he too must die, at a place he has never visited, in his otherwise familiar backyard.

No more to offer, but this flesh to the soil, and a single tear marks my final prayer. Rosebud sits in the palm of your hand, as I end, this flower, It blossoms.:
This shows the singers true faith, that he never abandoned, it's not into beauty and good doing, its into everything continuing as it is.. he dies in his body, but his spirit decomposes, and becomes a beautiful flower, that dramatically opens into its full blossom in the hand of the listener.

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