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Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better (Stop Making Sense version) Lyrics 8 years ago
I also believe he was writing about life on the road, with girls. I want to try to dissect the lyrics line by line. Byrne is writing about various aspects of relationships with women, that many people experience. Granted some lines are more metaphorical and hard to translate than others but I hope you all will understand what I'm talking about.

"Who took the money away?" - Referring to a woman or girlfriend who has either stolen their partner's cash, or what you ask yourself after a break-up, and wonder why you spent so much money on her

"Always showtime, here at the edge of the stage" - describing the excitement and spontaneity of entering a new relationship

"What was the place, what was the name" - meeting a new girl and can't remember where you met her or what her name was

"We want to wait but here we go, again" - deciding when you should call her back but then just ending up calling her too soon, or wanting to withhold from sex because she is a "keeper" but you can't resist

"Takes over slowly, but doesn't last very long" - Love takes a while to develop but then is over before you know it

"No need to worry, everything's under control" - convincing yourself the relationship is still in good terms; Byrne was a very awkward man so it could mean trying to keep yourself together on a nervous date

"o-u-t, but no hard feelings" - Getting dumped, but she wants to be friends and is sorry

"What do you know, take you away, we're being taken for a ride again" - the "trip" a girlfriend can take you on

Chorus "I got a girlfriend.....and nothing is better than that" - represents the care-free attitude that you have when you are in love in a relationship, for nothing seems to be a important/good as that

"Down in the basement......come to my senses sometimes" - ?

"Why start it over? Nothing is lost, Everythings Free" - At times in a turbulent relationship people wish they could just start over with a clean slate, but there is no use wanting that, because it cant happen

"Somebody calls you and you cannot hear" - Having your head in the clouds when you are in a great relationship

"Get closer to be far away" - Many ex-couples don't communicate with each other anymore, which is ironic since they were so close together, and now so far away

"Only one look and that's all that it takes" - Love at first sight

"Maybe that's all that we need" - "

"She goes wherever she likes, there she goes" - referring to a girl's need to be independent even in a serious relationship, which can put the man in turmoil, but the fact that he has a girlfriend makes up for her wrong doings

"Now everyone's gettin involved" - Everyone wants to know how you all are in the relationship and what you guys are doing, very realistic reference imo

"going right through my heart, we might not ever get caught" - Referring to the mischief you can get into with her

"and you don't remember at all" - you had a lot of fun in the relationship, but now that its over it seems so far away and cant remember the good times as well

"As we get older and stop making sense, you won't find her waiting long" - Refers to how easily a girl can become bored in the relationship and leaving whenever she wants. She often doesn't have time to wait for her spouse

The Stop making sense lyric can be interpreted any way you like. Stop making sense of what she is doing, because you may be wasting your time. Apparently Byrne said he started writing a song about money and started writing a song about something else. Well that is what the song is about. A girlfriend is better than money. She took the money away. He is writing random traits of women and relationships throughout the song that don't really follow any order (of a relationship), but then again when does any Talking Heads song have a concrete "order". This song is brilliant, and it is scary to me how much I can relate to this song. I hope you can too, let me know what you think of my interpretation

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