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Lorde – White Teeth Teens Lyrics 5 years ago
'I won't be smiling but the notes from my admirers
Fill my dashboard just the same'

This is an obvious reference to the website Tumblr, which reiterates the idea she mentioned in an interview with The Guardian: "Everyone is so obsessed with how everything looks, how the party will look through a lens the next day. We all have Tumblr and we all have Instagram and everything. People care so much about it because, now, any random can be famous on the internet if their world looks good on Tumblr. And so everyone at high school strives for this kind of aesthetic correctness. I do it as well, you know. I curate my life in a way. It's always playing on my mind, kind of a love-hate relationship. I'm not one of those people who's, like, 'I wish Facebook wasn't around,' because, you know, it is what it is."

The National – This Is the Last Time Lyrics 5 years ago
I think this song is about loving someone you know is bad for you, but you keep getting pulled back in.

There is something about her that no one else sees or understands ('I wish everybody knew what's so great about you'). His friends and family are probably sick and tired of him going back to her ('oh, don't tell anyone I'm here'), but he hasn't been able to stop himself. When it comes to her he loses his ability to think clearly ('oh, but your love is such a swamp, you're the only thing I want')
Once it goes wrong, which it always does, he promises himself he won't go back ('and I said I wouldn't get sucked in… this is the last time')

You often lose yourself in loving someone who doesn't love you back, or loving someone who can't love you the way you need to be loved. It is destructive and damaging, and I think the last few lines of the song encapsulate this perfectly.
He has messed himself up over this girl and he knows it: 'Jenny, I am in trouble, can't get these thoughts out of me…'

'Baby you gave me bad ideas, baby you left me sad and high': he knew not to go back, but he did, and he has lost himself again. Maybe he thought she had changed, or this time would be different, but it is a vicious cycle.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? Lyrics 5 years ago
This song absolutely kills me- every line is laced with such pure desire and longing.
He is infatuated, almost in a lust-filled fever: 'I dreamt about you nearly every night this week' or 'there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat until I fall asleep'. He just can't get her out of his head.

I don't think they were ever together exclusively. Maybe they were on the verge of something more, and they'd say stuff to each other ('baby we both know that the nights were mainly made for things you can't say tomorrow day…')
At one point he knew she liked him back ('been wondering if your heart's STILL open..')

Something happened though, but he's still stuck on her. She is all he can think of, sober or drunk, and he just wants to know if she feels the same way.

Often with this type of obsession you turn the other person into something they are not or something they can never live up to. That's why he asks 'do I wanna know if this feeling goes both ways?' Does he face getting his feelings turned down? Or even worse, might he realise that she is not the person he has made her to be in his head?

There is a sick, exquisite kind of pain that comes with loving or lusting after someone you can't have. this song perfectly encapsulates that.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Lyrics 8 years ago
I feel that these lines:
And since there's no one else around
⁠We let our hair grow long
⁠And forget all we used to know
⁠Then our skin gets thicker
⁠From living out in the snow

Connect so powerfully to the lyrics of I'll believe in anything by Wolf Parade: 'I'll take you where nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn anyway'

Both put out a naïve desire to escape with a loved one to a safer place..

To me this song is achingly beautiful, it makes me think of two teenagers, dysfunctional homes, wanting to run away together (snow, forts, safety, escapism) and stay there, lose themselves.. But they become so isolated they can't remember prominent details from before.. There is a sense of loss.. But at the same time, they have each other.. Nothing makes sense, but they're together..

Wishful thinking, childish, but in essence, true love

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