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Arcade Fire – Deep Blue Lyrics 8 years ago
I wondered what the song from a passing car might be, maybe about "praying to a dying star" and having a chorus like "Lie Lie Lie..." (that chorus brought to mind Simonn & Garfunkle's 'The Boxer' - not about a dying star, unless it could mean a fading champion boxer) .. but Win Butler was born in 1980 and that song is from the 60s.

Then I found at :

' Will Butler: 
In "Deep Blue," there's the line "I was only a child then/Feeling barely alive when/I heard a song from the speaker of a passing car." Both Win [Butler] and Richie [Parry] have strong memories in their youth of hearing music coming out of a passing car, and wondering what the heck it was. In Win's case, it was our friend's older brother driving, and he was listening to Depeche Mode." '

AND... at

' - Frontman Win Butler told the NME: "'Deep Blue' to me sounds like Neil Young with Depeche Mode at the end - which shouldn't work, but I think it does." '

So, does anybody know what Depeche Mode song might fit? When I listened to "Lie to Me" I found some musical similarities with 'Deep Blue' (minor key, and a V-IV-IIIb-(IV)-V/I main melodic sequence) but "Lie to Me"s lyrics are not about a Dying Star ... DM's "The Darkest Star" came out in 2005, - not when Butler was a kid.


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