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Green Day – Macy's Day Parade Lyrics 8 years ago
I already posted a very long winded reply with my opinion of this. But, honestly I think it may be talking about all of the Black Friday sales that start at Midnight Thanksgiving night.

Green Day – Macy's Day Parade Lyrics 8 years ago
I think it's pretty obvious and (like most people here have already pointed out) the moral is that you can't buy happiness.

As far as a less generalized interpretation, here's my two cents: (and yes, it being Thanksgiving did make me think of this song)

Today's the Macy's Day Parade - obviously the biggest advertising scheme in history
The night of the living dead is on its way - Black Friday Sales start at midnight, turning most people into consumer zombies.
With a credit report for duty call - nameless, faceless credit cards. You're nothing but your credit limit.
It's a lifetime guarantee, Stuffed in a coffin "10% more free", Red light special at the mausoleum - People plan their funerals ahead of time and pay for them to ensure they get the best prices. It's a pathetic (not mention morbid as fuck) attempt at feeling like you have some control over everything in your life--even your own death and what happens after you're dead.

Give me something that I need
Satisfaction guaranteed to you
What's the consolation prize?
Economy sized dreams of hope - I think this is pretty self explanatory. Consumer: Give me something that I need. Corporate America: Satisfaction's guaranteed! Consumer: What's the consolation prize? Corporate America: Dreams of all the shit you'll never have!

When I was a kid I thought
I wanted all the things that I haven't got
Oh, I learned the hardest way
Then I realized what it took
To tell the difference between
Thieves and crooks
a lesson learned to me and you

When he was a kid he probably thought he wanted to be a bad ass rock star, money, women, drugs, booze, houses, cars--the whole nine yards. But he had to acquire all of that garbage to realize that he didn't want any of it--none of it made him happy none of it made him anything. That's when he realized thieves may break into your house and still your shit, but a crook will cheat you into dreaming of a life that's supposed to be everything everyone wants and if you get it--you'll realize it only adds to the misery.

Give me something that I need
Satisfaction guaranteed
Because I'm thinking about
a brand new hope
The one I've never known
cause now I know
its all that I wanted

He's thinking about a brand new hope--and honestly, I assume this is where the song gets really personal. At this point in his life he had a 5 year old and a 2 year old and a wife. I'm pretty sure he probably figured out that they were way more important than anything he could ever buy. That's his reason for existing--and that's the only means that he's going to find anything slightly resembling true happiness. He's a husband and a father, he's responsible for a family which I'm guessing he probably didn't dream of as a kid.

I think the rest of the song is just reiteration of everything already stated. He's thinking about a brand knew road, one he's never know and where it goes because now he knows it's all that he wanted. He wanted (as hippyish as it sounds) to be loved for no more reason than he's him. He wanted acceptance. He wanted to belong somewhere and he has it. So, instead of being a consumer or a publicity whore, he's going to be a father and a husband. He's going to be the kind of man he would want his sons to grow up to be. He's going to take the high road, so to speak.

Well...that's my 75 cents. lol.

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