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The Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings Lyrics 8 years ago
the lead singer has bipolar disorder and when he found out they gave him medication... he wrote the song tonight, tonight because he felt like he would finally be normal and you can tell this by the song. Well the medication took awhile to work and he thought it was never going to work... so he wrote bullet with butterfly wings. The title is very metiphorical with the bullet being the medication and the butterfly wings being hope or beauty. good song and your friend was on the right track. You had the best explaination of it that i have seen.

Green Day – Longview Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is actually about the lead singers fight with Agrophobia which is the fear of leaving your house. The lyrics are very telling of this and the singer was treated for this mental illness. People that suffer from this disorder dont want to be stuck at the house but feel they have to be. "In a house with unlocked doors" is just one lyric that gives you insight. He also compares his house to a prison and the line about masterbating so much that its not fun shows the length of time he was mentally locked in his house. Read the lyrics carefully and you will see. You can also look up the singer to find out. Who would have known...

Sarah McLachlan – Possession Lyrics 8 years ago
This is a song that Sarah McLachlan made to help her deal with a stalker that was really taking a toll on her psyche. This song was made with the letters that the stalker wrote her. These words are straight from the stalkers mouth. There was a big court hearing because the actual stalker got upset and tried to sue McLachlan for using his writings to make a song but in the end McLachlan was victorious. The stalker actually committed suicide after the case was finished. This is a very haunting song in my opinion. It gives me the creep’s lol.

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