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The B-52's – Planet Claire Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a great song to wake up to, and also for bicycling and rollerblading.

The B-52's – Downtown Lyrics 11 years ago
You can hear Kate saying "Yeah! All right!" just before the music begins.

The B-52's – Party Out Of Bounds Lyrics 11 years ago
The partying voices in the background sound like the B-52s themselves.

The B-52's – Strobe Light Lyrics 11 years ago
Should read,
"Pulsing light goes to my head!
Everything I see is red!"

(the album Wild Planet doesn't come with lyrics)

The B-52's – Trism Lyrics 11 years ago
Stella and Corona are beers, as well as astronomical terms. The B's knew how to party.

The B-52's – Dirty Back Road Lyrics 11 years ago
Are there any other songs, by anyone, with lyrics that consist solely of 2 identical verses? OTTOMH, Another Brick in the Wall Part II comes close, though the verses (actually 2 verses and 2 choruses) are slightly different, and sung by different people (Roger Waters, and the kids' choir).

The B-52's – Funplex Lyrics 11 years ago
"That horrible smell" is supposed to be a grease fire in the mall's food court, as seen in the video. But it could also represent the stenches which are supposed to be characteristic of hell.

Cindy sometimes varies her lyrics slightly live. ;-)

The B-52's – Love Shack Lyrics 11 years ago
"Well it's set way back in the middle of a field" = the vagina.

The B-52's – Runnin' Around Lyrics 11 years ago
The lyrics are pretty straightforward. The twin keyboard notes are meant to sound like a ringing telephone, which isn't being picked up b/c she's out running around. Long before cellphones. (Two rings are typical of the UK, not the U.S., maybe the two sounded more dramatic than one).

The B-52's – Mesopotamia Lyrics 11 years ago
When they do this live (and they almost always do), Fred says in his second verse, "Now I ain't no A student/Of ancient culture/Before this fool [or dolt, dum-dum, etc.] talks/He should read a book".

The B-52's – Private Idaho Lyrics 11 years ago
Another influence besides the TZ is present as well, this one historical. The "deadly hands of a radium clock" refers to the Radium Girls, factory workers in the first half of the 20th century who painted glow-in-the-dark radium-laced paints on watch and clock hands and faces (and onto their own faces, to impress their BFs), and contracted cancers from the radium. One of these factories was located in one of The Oranges, New Jersey, not far from where Fred Schneider would later grow up.

The B-52's – Nip It In The Bud Lyrics 11 years ago
Seems to me it's about a messy breakup.

The B-52's – Deep Sleep Lyrics 11 years ago
One of only 2 songs sung exclusively by Kate, the other being "Housework".

The B-52's – Housework Lyrics 11 years ago
You can hear a vacuum cleaner running at about 1:49.

The B-52's – Debbie Lyrics 11 years ago
A tribute to Debbie Harry.

The B-52's – Lava Lyrics 11 years ago

"I'm gonna jump in a crater" = muff-diving.

The B-52's – Big Bird Lyrics 11 years ago
This is about (civilians) being under attack by bombers. Fred in fact said it was supposed to be about a nuclear bombing run, and not about the dude from Sesame Street. This was, after all, the Raygun era. While the B-52s were named for a beehive wig, I think it can be safely said that this is the B-52s' song about the B-52 Stratofortress.

The B-52's – 52 Girls Lyrics 11 years ago
Some of those names were dated even back then. Probably not too many people would've named a girl Euphemia (Effie) in the 70s, let alone today.

The B-52's – 53 Miles West Of Venus Lyrics 11 years ago
One interpretation of this song, at least the music, is of being an end, or a departure, like a departing spaceship. But more importantly, it's the end of the B-52s surf-rock sound (or whatever you want to call it), which made up their first 2 albums. They wanted to stop doing this type of music (not get stuck in a rut), and go in other directions, which they did on Mesopotamia and later albums. 53 Miles West of Venus, the last song on Wild Planet, is the end of the B-52s sound introduced with Rock Lobster and Planet Claire. The band remained the same (until Ricky died) and they still play many of those songs live, but they haven't written songs quite like this in 30 years.

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