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Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah Lyrics 5 years ago
there was a time when you let me know what's really going on bellow the surface, bellow your pose, you act, bellow your belt, bellow your cloths, bellow your everyday thoughts, bellow what you are willing to show to everybody else, but now you never show that to me, your eyes are sealed to me, i can't see your insides anymore, you are locked, do you? your soul is blocked. but remember when i moved in you, when i moved in with you and we were living together, when i moved in your body and your eyes were infront of mine such as every other limb of ours, and we were flying like doves and felt in peace surrounds us and moving us towards better air, colorful air, we breathed it in and then out and it came out as hallelujah.

this verse is so sad, sad like tears.

The Beatles – Come Together Lyrics 7 years ago
All you cleaver might be right, but I present you a different and couragous meaning:

It's about a frusturated porn actress. At least the chorus is.

Fo sha (For sure - 'Superbad' all rights reserved)

The Beatles – Let It Be Lyrics 7 years ago
It's about to go with the flow or about dying at the age of 40.

Nirvana – Rape Me Lyrics 7 years ago
yeah media rapes.. so obvious!!!!... camera can't rape you.. it's way to big to get in there... (most cases)
Kurt would have want us to think!!!!

He tricks us!! it's like the opposite over the opposite.. he's clearly gay with Dave and Krist in this one.

I'm awefully surprised no one has ever noticed this.

Alice in Chains – Nutshell Lyrics 7 years ago
Probably about what he feels whwn he's dowm...
When you see the lonliness out on the street you'll find out those people would rather be dead too

Alice in Chains – Hate To Feel Lyrics 7 years ago
I can almost taste the lifestyle of drugs just by hearing these painful words...
It sounds like everything seems to him useless and he longs to die but his strong addiction is that saves his wounded life.

Alice in Chains – Them Bones Lyrics 7 years ago
The death was the only certain thing in his life... though all what we read and think about Layne Staly might be no more than another 'misprinted lie' - feeding our hungry minds with details and events that our eyes didn't see at all. I think all the fans like me will never understand a mind of a person who didn't look directly into our eyes.

Now about the song: In the last year I've started hearing this so called genre - Grunge.
one of the main characteristics of this kind of music is its open texts... it's hard to really understand what these lyrics about. So we, the listeners have the tendency to dig in the writer's history and to ascribe his horrors to the tough 'nutshell' words. Sadly, the truth is that we can't know for sure what was on his mind in the moment he wrote this song, or ant other.

I guess that we're also addicted to this band's music, and we fell in love in a musical way with who we think sometimes he's our hero, but was never more than a regular fucked-up breathing creature made from flesh and blood.

I have no idea what that means.
But somehow, in a fucked up human way, I can still relate to this.

Soundgarden – The Day I Tried to Live Lyrics 7 years ago
He said that this song contains some positiveness, especialy in the lines: "one more time around might do it, one more time around might make it". He tried to behave like everyone else and it didn't go so well, but he still carries a little hope one day he'll succeed his goal - to feel alive.
In an interview I once saw, he admitted that though he has friends (after all, when you're this famous you obviously create an interest to your acquaintances) he tends to be alone. So at least in this period of time he probably felt that it's better to isolate himself from the outer brutal world.

In the day he tried to live he discovered a few things:
He acts the opposite of what the mainstream society expects him,
He gives up very quickly and let the others take the lead, while he crawls behind,
When he talks, he only tries to please the people around him by not telling them what he really thinks,
He finds that even when he's doing what's so called 'living', he'll still end up just the same as if he would'nt,
He saw that for achiving something you want you have to fight over this with others as if it was a piece of meat, and that you can't win without step over the others skulls.

After he's coming out of his bed and discovers all these stuffes, he regrets that he even tried.

Maybe it's better to stay in bed with the door locked and windows closed and let the world to slowly fall apart around you. to let the wolves bite their own brothers and hide yourself silently beneath the safe ground.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics 8 years ago
It's very hard to not be stupid and contagious these days.. Not that I know any others.. Everyone who writes here and lives in the western modern society is just what this song's about - Affected by stupid and contagious commercials and TV shows (most of them), media contols our lame life and we're entertained by cell phones and computer. All the values that we're supposed to belive in and long gone in this facebook-porn-models era and every one has more than one life to live, parallel life.

So I think this song is a warning about what was meant to be back then in the early 90's.
All this stupid life style is only making us emptier and even when we'ew out of our rooms with other people we stuck deep inside our selves and our poor self image that is probably our biggest concern in life.
Drugs that were so popular among rock stars are actually a great way to ignore all the shit that people created and then got used to ignore from.

After the heavy book aforementioned, this song in four words - the joke's on you.

Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine Lyrics 8 years ago
a song about the music in the modern world where the artists won't give a chance to sell without being stupid

Nirvana – Help Me I'm Hungry Lyrics 8 years ago
it's about being biopolar and breakfest cereal as well

Nirvana – Polly Lyrics 8 years ago
it's totally about a parrot

Nirvana – Lithium Lyrics 8 years ago
It realy sounds like it's about being a biopolar person. like two different people wrote each a different line.
he's happy and then ugly and then refuses to any religious characteristics, and then he finds god.
then he's lonely but fine with this, then he isn't sure about the things he did - he was completly another person with another mood when he did those things so he can't know for sure. ten something changes in his mind again and he's exited about meeting someone he really desires to fuck with.
at the last part he explains that he likes the dark situation he's in, and that he's not gonna crack up.
here's anoteher point of view about this last uncertain part: one side of him sings these lyrics to the other side of him, telling him he misses him, loves him, but shall kill him. like the mania sings to the deprssion or the other way around, just to become one whole man who is not divided anymore.

all i wrote down here is very superficial and i havn't deepen in the search after things Kurt mentioned about this song.

Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box Lyrics 8 years ago
how about a blond-prettier-than-us man says what ever the fuck got into his head in this three minutes he wrote this song though it doesn't make any sense. of course we'll eat it, it's so weird and convincing and has cool music with drums and bass and guitar and the singer has gruff voice. and there are diapers and red sky on the video clip!!! super cool.

Chris Cornell – Follow My Way Lyrics 8 years ago
you can say it's rare to find a non-depressing song of him, and in this song he says that his way will only lead us down.
I think the first chorus is about the songs he writes are therapy for him. in most songs of his he shows us a weak confussed and pour guy who can't find joy in life. in the first chorus he's tellind his audience how lost he is, how uncertain and scared, so why would anyone will ever follow his way? he weote by my opinion 'follow my way' and meant by it to the people who want to destroy themselves.
"when i'm confident i'm hopeless" might be about when you're happy and you're so sure in your place.. then it collapses under your feet and you find out nothing is so sure and permanent as you thought it is. only when you're lost you're realistic, you can spend a lifetime with the feeling of wanting to kill yourself and in a light or heavy depression with no noticible ups in your life. like a straight line which lasts his path. when you're feeling so happy you're clearly before a crisis that will blow it all.

"Warm your hands inside my veins I might be contagious" talks about the melancholy his songs might bring with them and that all the shit he's breathing might spread to your veins too.

Chris Cornell – No Such Thing Lyrics 8 years ago
In my opinion it's about the change in his point of view. He tells how wonderful it all was his world until 'the rain got in' - might mean his safe territory perforated and some cold and dour things got in through the holes. These kind of negative things are flying all over the world waiting for a little breaking of the human heart to disrupt it even harder. I didn't check, but I assume each of the 6,000,000,000 people around us has their own breakage points in life, about all kind of unachieved wills.

Who knows how from Chris Cornell's many biograpihes's details are reliable and how not, to find his tough times.. I think his real crisis no one knows. they remain deep in his head, and that's why he's providing us constantly this and many others beautiful, relaxing and supporting lyrics, combined with an erode music which reminds us the pain isn't screaming only in our heads, in others it screams too, and louder sometimes.

Soundgarden – Blow Up the Outside World Lyrics 8 years ago
Maybe because the world can't finish him after a long time he wished to be gone, he wants to end the world. It might sound stupid considering Chris's previous songs, But in the chorus he (maybe) speaks to god, telling him he's willing to sacrifice the fake he's living in and give everything he owns for the opportunity to break the world's barrier and climb up to god.

This song may also deal with the outside world, the world that is created by all of our inner worlds. Like many these days, Chris Cornell seems to hate the hypocrisy and the major confusion that surrounds the world and makes the madness take huge part of people's life. He wishes to to blow up the external thin gs that the eye can see, such as the gender, color, size, technology and all of the others characteristic of the human kind and the things they've created. Thus, all of the people shall turn into floating souls, flying above their bodies while watching the wreck of thousands of years they have done. Something like the 'final release' from the outside superficial world, and becoming equal to everyone else until everything's just written together.

By the way/ He once said in an interview that he likes the fact people interpretating his songs in a variety of ways, and that's why most of his songs are so uncertain and mysterious, he won't expose his meaning behind the lyrics because he wants us to wonder and try to understand it in different ways.

Chris Cornell – Can't Change Me Lyrics 8 years ago
it seems to me a little like it's about a guy who completly lost his faith in himself, and then out of nowhere comes a dream girl and find in him a lot of interest. it's hard for him to exept that such a girl is now near him and in the song he declares that he can't be changed or doesn't want to.
Maybe he don't want to cause he got used to be what he became before she came

Soundgarden – My Wave Lyrics 8 years ago
each man to himself.. go rape, kill, die, just leave me out of this.. kind of describing the direction that part of the world is heading to in the 2000's, but probably the mid 90's was the time when all of this began

Chris Cornell – Disappearing One Lyrics 8 years ago
I guess this song means to me that there are connections lasts forever, are never continuous in the external world but deep inside it never lets us go, just too powerful and wraps out soul. it slowly becomes to a hidden part of our life, through the years

Chris Cornell – When I'm Down Lyrics 8 years ago
Chris is an owl in this song, he roams through the night, he gets high and leaves his girl to sleep alone. Time passes by and she starts to wake up too, and when she arrgues with him he explains to her that he loves her but doesnt know how to deal with sadness so he tooks off cause nothing helps him

Chris Cornell – Flutter Girl Lyrics 8 years ago
I think this song is a deep depression song, which is a part of a sad and negative album.
It sounds like chris cornell simulates himself as a drug dealer who accidantally ran into a beautiful shining and colorful girl, and though he wants her, he bumps into his low self-esteem barrier.
He's also demonstrating what He feels that SHE IS for him : a high class girl who's so innocent and perfect from the inside and the outside as one. Any relationship with him could only scratch her pink bubble and turn her to someone like him, like he is contagous. He's living kind of a spartan life, and when someone so pure and clean as this flutter girl enters to his life, he's naturally pushes her away cause he doesn't believe that there's anything good witing for him in this world.
When he says "You don't wanna take what I give, Cause I give nothing for free", I think he's acctualy trying to say that he has drugs but he won't let her use them, not for free, as the price she has to pay for the drugs is her pureness, and he won't let it happen because in gis eyes she is way more worthy living than him, she's a couple steps ahead of him in the ladder of life. Let him drown safely and continue your life, live and let die.

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