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Harry Nilsson – Everybody's Talkin' Lyrics 7 years ago
Did I imagine a comment where someone said it described their life when going through a depression? I went to log in and now it's gone. I feel the same way, but for me it's kind of a bittersweet or comforting melancholy feelings. Sad but in a happy, even nostalgic, way.

Misfits – Bullet Lyrics 8 years ago
I heard that the 'suck, suck, jackie suck" part was about Jackie O' trying to revive her shot husband by sucking his manhood in the ambulance in a last effort to keep him alive.

The Velvet Underground – Candy Says Lyrics 8 years ago
I love your interpretation "words&tricks", well said.

The Cars – Bye Bye Love Lyrics 8 years ago
I always thought he was saying "It's a corn beef sky" instead of "orangey sky" hahaha.
Anyway, just bought this on vinyl, it's a great album and song.

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