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Coldplay – Gravity Lyrics 8 years ago
The impression I get from this song is last moments of the singer (the persona, not Chris!) before reuniting with his lover who's already long dead. The gravity in this song, is death imo. How fitting it is, because when someone dies, he/she will inevitably fall back to soil. Everyone dies at one point or another.

"And the way that gravity turns on everyone"

He didn't choose to die, from his lines 'can't stop running, don't/won't look down, etc). It's like he's been living his life in regret without achieving anything after his lover's death, despite all his efforts, like he can't move on (the crying part). However, he was happy and relieved to tears to 'go back' to his lover in the end.

Maybe it's just me looking at things pessimistically (or being plain depressed), but I think it's a very sad yet romantic song. I kinda tear up everytime I listen to it. It's a beautiful song, nevertheless. As expected from Coldplay.

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