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Simple Plan – This Song Saved My Life Lyrics 7 years ago
I really love this song. it's my favourite from their new album...and i love it entirely, but this song has something special.

i think he's thanking music for all the times he was depressed and music was his only relief. i found myself in this situation so many times...and i wouldn't have made it if there weren't so many great songs i could relate to.

thank you simple plan for giving us this incredible song.

Slipknot – Snuff Lyrics 8 years ago
I really love this song 'cause i can relate to it.
imho, this song is about a halfway relationship (that half belongs entirely to the boy as the girl was just using him), but let's analyze the lyrics:

"Bury all your secrets in my skin" --> obvious, every kind of social relationship (like friendship, but NOT love) is kind of easy to maintain at the beginning. i guess the girl told him about "her demons", acting like she wasn't guilty of anything. I'm 100% sure that she trusted him. (or at least, in my experience)

"Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins..." --> after he refused to continue the friends & benefits relationship with her, she probably came after a while back to him because she simply needed to see what's new in his life. As usual, her attitude was of innocence, like nothing happened. On the other side, he is dead inside and doesn't walk to interract as he will never forget what happened.

"The air around me still feels like a cage." --> he's far from getting over her, still trapped in a cage that he has constructed just to isolate himself from the rest of the world. When some1 suffers in love, all he wants is to be alone (at least me).

"And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again." --> after all that had happened to him, this is the way he sees love, or the possibility of being with someone agait. It's eventually going to end up bad, with him suffering again, so he doesn't want to be involved ever again.

"So if you love me let me go, and run away before i know" --> he beggs her to leave him alone (there was no positive point in talking to her, what's done is good done. THE END!), before knowing she ever was there.

"My heart is just too dark to care" --> hurt inside, what he's trying to tell the girl is that what she did to him not only broke his heart, but made him completely cold to whatever may happen afterwards...

"I can't destroy what isn't there" --> not completely sure, but i think he's talkin about his conscience, as all the feelings he had for that girl are all gone, but his conscience stops him from trying to fix things.

"Deliever me into my fate, if i'm alone i cannot hate" --> this is like a conclusion. After all that he's been through, he realised it was better if he never knew that girl in the 1st place, so, he wants to be alone, this way excluding the case he'll ever hate another girl in the future.

"I don't deserve to have you" --> her manier of behaving with him in the latest stages made him believe the stupid idea that the girl is too good for him...

"My smile was taken long ago" --> easy to understand

"If i can change a hope i'll never know." --> he is resigned, so, he doesn't want to fuck his head with the question "what if...? what if we could give it another try?" as the current situation is pretty much clear.

"I still press your letters to my lips, and cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss." --> memories are haunting matter how hard he tries to forget, the memories will always be there, thing that he admits.

"I couldn't face a life without your lights" --> he really loved her. she was everything to him, she probably made him change his living style. when they were together, nothing else mattered, and, at that moment he couldn't possibly imagine life without her.

"But all of that was ripped apart, when YOU refused to fight." --> he knew in the final stages of their halfway relationship that she was just using him. Nothing could ever be so wrong. He asked her to leave as he didn't want to be her fool, and she did so, leaving the impression that it was just the thing she wanted to hear.

"So save your breath, i will not care!" --> when she tries to explain, he's telling her in this polite manier to FUCK OFF. He knows now who she really was, and nothing will ever change his opinion.

"I think i made it very clear." --> simple to understand

"You couldn't hate enough to love, is that supposed to be enough?" --> think about it; hate and love aren's opposed, they're actually siblings. Most often, you hate someone because he/she's doing things that (you think) are hurting him/her. When you hate someone as a person, there are still sentiments involved, and sentiments make us humans. It's indifference that's the opposite of human feelings. Just look at where we are...Indifference is worst than hate...

"I only wish you weren't my friend, then i could hurt you in the end." --> he loved her...i loved her. He could've been the best friend for her, just like brothers and sisters. But, you know, sometimes the friends & benefits stuff sucks for the one that has been just doesn't make any sense. Still, when some1 wants to be in a relationship with another person without involving pure sentiments, it ends with fight and shout and tears. He had the power not to hurt her, but, after all this time spent alone, he starts to regret it.

"I never claimed to be a saint." --> many girls pretend to be innocent (even if it's hard to believe it...yeah, for them too xD). He tries to tell her, he's not like her...

"Oh, my own was banished long ago." --> he left appart all his friends, all his usual habits...she kind of changed his life, in a good way, or not.

"It took the death of hope to let you go." --> when this ended, everything seemed hopeless and senceless

"So break yourself against my stones" --> when they met again, he realises he's become indifferent to all she's doing or saying...and she realises that's what she's turned him into.

"And SPIT your pity in my soul." --> it's kinda like saying: yeah, go ahead, feel sorry for me (ironically, of course). It's way too late to show me any compassion feelings. It won't mean a thing to me.

"You never needed any help" --> her "innocence" and the conquering of her demons could of been done with his involvement, she just needed to find the strength within herself, without her dragging him down with her. (Copyright "Karm Star" =D)

"You sold me out to save yourself." --> after she pur her heart together (with his help)...she kind of got bored of him and treated him differently...

"And i won't listen to your shame" --> she tries to apologise, but he won't hear it, it's worthless.

"You ran away, you're all the same." --> you left me alone, thrown yourself in the hands of another man. He concludes women are all the same. Probably meaning it's worthless to have another relationship knowing what happened.

"Angles lie to keep control." --> she needed him, but as a puppet, as someone who's available to do all things for you (when, actually, she didn't feel anything for him).

"My love was punished long ago" --> he sincerely loved her, but the way she treated and used him was the most bitter of all punished that could occur.

"If you still care, don't ever let me know." --> there's probably no second chance...

Green Day – 21 Guns Lyrics 8 years ago
well, considering the clip and the lyrics, here's what i think:

this song's about some guy trying to be with the girl of his dreams. he tries hard, so hard that he's dying inside... (and you feel yourself suffocating) when in fact he should just move on (it's not worth dying for). he probably knows that and this "takes his breath away"...sometimes. His heart barely survives, he's confused (he loves her, but the pain she puts him through doesn't weight the pride, that's why i said he's his mind's probably this question: "does my pain weight out my pride?"). i guess after all that all he wants is to be alone (and you look for a place to hide)

it's the end, he has "lost all sense of control", and he's so f*cking confused that this destroys him (probably he has love in his mind and hate in his heart). he still has faith, but the uncertainty hurts. (walks on broken glass).

well, i guess the guy messed up with something, and he should have tried to live on his own, but he stood too close to that girl (THE FIRE), and now he's trying to look for forgiveness.

The end of the clip is happy, the girl accepts him and saves his life.

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