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Women – Locust Valley Lyrics 9 years ago
Probably not aliens. Locust Valley, NY was where Roy Johnson lived shortly before killing himself (jumped off the Sag Harbor Bridge). Women [heart] Roy Johnson. I [heart] Women and miss Chris.

Women – Narrow With The Hall Lyrics 9 years ago
I hear "Dangerous fallen trees..." which would make since since "They won't grow again." Love this song, I like the idea that it's about Pat's old job.

Guided by Voices – Wished I Was A Giant Lyrics 9 years ago
The reflective and somewhat sad nature of these lyrics are a perfect opener for the album. Vampire on Titus and Bee Thousand are two incredible and emotionally draining albums. There's so much longing and wistfulness between the two.

Women – Locust Valley Lyrics 10 years ago
Best song on the new album. God, I hope they keep making music.

Pavement – Conduit for Sale! Lyrics 10 years ago
He's saying "I'm Sorry" the last couple times. I fucking know it.

Guided by Voices – Wondering Boy Poet Lyrics 11 years ago
One of the shortest, and probably the best, GBV song.

Guided by Voices – The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory Lyrics 11 years ago
I think he's said that the lyrics don't really reflect the experience, just that it inspired the much sense as that means, i can't find the specific quote.

The Fall – New Face In Hell Lyrics 11 years ago
5-4=Unity is a rip-off of this song? Are you high? 5-4 doesn't have lyrics, is in a different time sig, and has a totally different style. Conduit For Sale, on the other hand, is a total rip off of this song.

The Fall – Eat Y'Self Fitter Lyrics 11 years ago
Absolutely hypnotic.

Pavement – Harness Your Hopes Lyrics 11 years ago
"Show me
A word that rhymes with pavement
And a - don't you try to etch it
Or permanently sketch it"

Engravement. Was that so hard?

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