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The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger Lyrics 9 years ago
I think everyone is missing the real meaning of this song. The mythological references cleverly mask what was going on in the songwriter Sting's head at the time. While recording the album in remote Monserrat for tax/relaxation purposes hostilitis between the band members often reached boiling point. They were all bearing grudges toward each other. Indeed, they broke up after the album was recorded. This song is about the relationship between the growing superstar Sting and the by then vastly experienced Andy Summers.

Remember, Andy Summers had limited success during the 1960s when Sting was still a kid, his guitar playing had since become known as groundbreaking. At the groups inception it is assumed his experience in the business and his superior musicianship made him the most important member of the group. Sting was 'the young apprentice' who needed Andy Summers knowledge in order to make it big.

In the second verse Sting iterates that he cleverly listened to all the lessons Andy Summers taught him to the point where he would see this 'come to it's fruition'. In both verses Sting states thet 'I'll be wrapped around your finger'.

The third verse is an internal victorious celebration that reaches it's crescendo in the last line 'when you find your servant is your master', along with the change to 'You'll be wrapped around my finger'. Sting has become the power and driving force of the band. Their fame has grown, but it's really all about him. The alabaster reference is saying his career will be frozen whereas Sting will move on to bigger things when they split.

The ring is more situational than metaphorical - Andy Summers was married, Sting was about to get divorced.

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