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Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song
Catchy, upbeat, fun
Not one of Van's most profound tunes in terms of either music or lyrics but one of his most popular and accessable.
I have a hard time with some of the raunchier interpreations but of course, even a lesser work of art is open to interpretation and each reader, viewer , listener brings his or her own experience to the activity of finding meaning. suggesting to me, that if you think the song is about the Greek way...well ;(

Van Morrison – Here Comes The Night Lyrics 11 years ago
Just a fantastic rock song from Waaay back in the day.

It's worth noting that the guitar on this classic is by one of London's favorite studio players of that time, a kid named Jimmy Page. His hook really makes the song.
Of course Van Morrison can infuse even the most ordinary lyrics with meaning and emotion. These aren't really deep but you have to like the fact that while our hero pines for his girl and is clearly in a bad way watching her with "another guy" he is still clearheaded enough to realize that the sweet nothings she is whispering are just lies "exactly like she told me too".

Or at least he wants them to be lies :)

Cream – White Room Lyrics 11 years ago
This was one of my favorite tunes of the year 1968. I saw Cream open their performance in Baltimore with White Room two days before Nixon was elected president in that crazy and fateful year.

Like many of the songs of that era it is full of impressionistic phrases and imagery that leave a lot to the individual listeners' imagination.

My own take was that the song was about alienation and depression and the way one's mind can shift from ecstatic epiphanies to cringing paranoia in the space of seconds.

Cream – Pressed Rat And Warthog Lyrics 11 years ago
Much Credit to kush64 for the interpretation of Pressed Rat and Warthog. It's certainly plausable but I think Cutesparkina and RayMan are on target.
The "Wind in the Willows on acid" is great and comes very close to my impression of the song. When you add the great stories about Ginger Baker (never knew a lot about him but had heard about him roaming in Africa) it helps give some context to a narration about the demise of a very strange and surrealistic business venture.

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