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Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lookin' for a Reason Lyrics 9 years ago
A very straight county song from CCR - and it doesn't quite work. The boys don't sound very enthusiastic about it and the playing seems a little sloppy.

Oh, and this song is about drugs. Specifically the morning after a night of doing drugs. Looking for a reason to stay - looking for drugs. Time to leave and find some more.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – It Came Out of the Sky Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is proof the world needs more county-rock science fiction songs.

Spiro - is VP Spiro Agnew - the Mars Tax was a real issue during the Space Race. Ronnie the Popular was none other that Ronald Reagan - then governor of California.

Jordy ain't no rube - you can have it for 17Million!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Walk on the Water Lyrics 9 years ago
This song was one of the few written by Tom Fogarty that CCR recorded. I've always liked this song even though it feels about one verse short. The man walking on the water is obviously Jesus.

The extended psychedelic guitar solo at the end has some great licks.

The Donnas – You Wanna Get Me High Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is about denying Christ.

Hail Satan
Hail Hail Rock N Roll

The Donnas – Too Bad About Your Girl Lyrics 9 years ago
BART = the Bay Area Rapid Transit. Basically it's the bus system.

The Donnas – Do You Wanna Hit It? Lyrics 9 years ago
How come guys are such pussies nowadays? If any guy sang this song every emo hippster would tuck his balls under his legs and say "oh, you can't subjectify women! You suck!"

But when the Donnas sing about sex and drugs and rock and roll it makes me so happy I just want to go and FUCK.

Thank you, Donnas.

The Donnas – Are You Gonna Move It For Me? Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is about some girl wanting her dad to come over and help her move her furniture.

ZZ Top – TV Dinners Lyrics 9 years ago
This song was an early MTV hit. All I remember was the cheap-o stop motion animation of some 'food monster'. It was so bad it was good. I think the lyrics are about being stoned on drugs and having the munchies. TV dinners a long time ago were covered in foil and you never had a clue what was under the wrapper. Sometimes it wasn't pretty. I wonder if it's hard to eat with all the beard on your face? Do you think they covered their beards with a big napkin? I think I'd wear a ski mask. I heard that the drummer only wanted to play golf and they pretty much used a drum machine for all their albums in the 80's. That would make sense because he sounds like crap.

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Lyrics 9 years ago
If this song proves one thing, it's that Eric Clapton can't sing.

Johnny Cash – Mean Eyed Cat Lyrics 9 years ago
Lesson to be learned - don't let a mean cat get between you and your sweet p*ssy.
Get a dog.

Steely Dan – The Caves of Altamira Lyrics 9 years ago
Fagan is using the Cave Paintings or Altamira as a metaphor for youth/ ancient man vs. adulthood/ modern man.

A young child in verse one - so young he didn't even know of the marvels of Hollywood movies - spent his time and imagination drawing pictures on the rocks with what is probably a crayon.

When he goes back as an adult he looks at the lost treasures of his young creation as 'sad designs'. But the memories rush upon him unexpectedly - like an physical reaction.

The chorus pulls it together - 'They heard the call and wrote it on the wall'. Who are 'They'? Prehistoric mankind? The children we were and are inside us? What "they wrote on the wall" conveys man's need to create and document his world around him. Or - as some anthropologist's could argue - the images that pop inside your head after being in a dark cave for a while. There is a connection between ancient and modern man that is made in art. That is Fagen's point. It's 'understood'.

Stepping into the sun is the movement into adulthood, the modern age.

Minutemen – One Reporters Opinion Lyrics 9 years ago
Mike Watt is a God among us and when his band played this song live, well the kids went nuts. These lyrics are pure zen lunacy - my mind just froze. BERZERK!

Generation X – Kiss Me Deadly Lyrics 10 years ago
I can't believe Billy Idol of all people wrote such a f-ing great song. This song descibes his experiences as a teenager up in west London, so a lot of the imagery and locations cited in the lyrics won't be familar to anyone in Amercia. The Greyhound is pub and the 'battle' he's talking about involves soccer hooligan supporters of Fulham FC, whose colors are black and white. Fights between rival supporters are still a big problem in England. (Imagine if there were ten NFL teams in NYC and you played each of them twice a year.) Bishops End is right next to their stadium.

From what I can gather - the Zephyrs are model Fords that were sold around that time the UK.

The classic second verse discusses his losing his virginity - at the home of his girlfriend no less. The song winds up with him watching his friends grow up, turn to drugs, drop out and get killed. The 'having fun in South West Six' is turning into the "kiss" of death.


Flying Burrito Brothers – Dark End Of The Street Lyrics 10 years ago
This bands is awesome.

Jim Croce – I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song Lyrics 10 years ago
I heard a story that Jim and his wife got into a big fight and he went off that night and wrote this song (which explains the first line).

Well, I know it's kind of late
I hope I didn't wake you

There is a saying that don't go to bed mad, and maybe Jim was thinking of that when he wrote this song - because he's not only saying "I love you", but also "I'm sorry".

...there's something that I just got to say
I know you'd understand.

Too bad Jim would end up being killed by zombies later that same year. He was a great singer.
Real shame.

Cake – Stickshifts And Safetybelts Lyrics 10 years ago
Great song! And a hilarious metaphor: She is the car. And safe cars = safe/boring/no sex.

The protaganist wants to go back to 'driving in his Malibu' which by it's very name is evocative of the romance found early in a relationship. And as things have grown older, and his 'car/ girlfrind' has changed into a safe 'Japanese car'. And he's simply used the stickshift as metaphor for his penis/ masturbation and the 'safty belt' is her chastity (belt). I mean, who calls it a 'safty belt' anyway?

But what brings it all together is the great guitar riff over the rockabily beat - it conveys perfectly his frustration and adds all the sexual tension to the song.

(Note to self - get new car.)

L'Trimm – Cars That Go Boom Lyrics 10 years ago
I first heard this song in a mashup with Gary Newman's 'Cars'. The DJ dramatically improved both songs. Worth a listen if you can find it ( maybe?)

Jonathan Richman – Parties in the U.S.A. Lyrics 10 years ago
Hells Yeah!

Jonathan Richman – That Summer Feeling Lyrics 10 years ago
Love love love this song. A sentimental song about sentimentality itself. To me this song sums up
a lot of what Jon's songs are about: falling in love, being young, carefree and those fleeeting moments of that really formulate our memories.

The 'summer' feeling is a great little expression.

The Pretenders – Night In My Veins Lyrics 10 years ago
This is one of the most thinly veiled songs about herion I've ever heard in my life.

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