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Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lyrics 9 years ago
This song gets me everytime I hear it.

I had a teenage boyfriend at a time in Highschool. He was not right for me, but I did not know how to let him go, I think we both just wanted to date someone at the time. All the words ring in my ears because I lived on a farm at the time and my father never wanted me to go into town to see him. A bit later my father died and I felt it was the chapter of childhood comming to an end. Reality hit our family and it was brutal and our yellowbrick road was gone. Shoerlty after my fathers death one night at a party at 2am when everyone is weary and going to bed, this song came on, and I made my bf dance with me, and in that moment I knew we were over, and my childhood was over too. Great song...

"I should have stayed on the farm
I should have listened to my old man

You know you can't hold me forever
I didn't sign up with you
I'm not a present for your friends to open
This boy's too young to be singing the blues"

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