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Amanda Palmer – Have to Drive Lyrics 11 years ago
'I suffer mornings most of all
I feel so powerless and small
By ten o'clock I'm back in bed
Fighting the jury in my head'

This makes me think that it's a reference to alcoholism (not surprising given amanda's track record)
It's an eloquently put account of life as an alcoholic - that I hear every day almost in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Before I came into recovery, I found that driving my motorbike was the only way that I could shut my head up - the endless conversations, judgements, self hatred and other churning thoughts were all silenced by the absolute concentration on the angle of the bike, the grip of the wheels, the apex of the corner - and the peace that I felt on the back of the bike meant I spent most of my life on it.
Pity, then, that I decided to drive hung over (like amanda does in this song) and lost my license after crashing into a white van...

I'm not saying that this is ALL the song is about, but throwing in an extra angle to look at.

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