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Bright Eyes – Cleanse Song Lyrics 8 years ago
Hahaha, I live right next to Oxnard and thought the same thing! Although, I can see it being the perfect setting for muffled screams and fevered dreams, which I think makes it more effective to me, knowing Oxnard...

Father John Misty – Misty's Nightmares 1 & 2 Lyrics 8 years ago
I think it's just, "I laid up wide awake." (Or maybe he does sing "quite" instead of "wide"?)

That last line gets me so bad...

The Cave Singers – Haller Lake Lyrics 9 years ago
I read these out of the liner notes of the album!

"Everyone's on a long walk
Ten huttin', tin cuppin' the same streets
She's the kind that paces a room,
stares at the gloom with a globe in her hand now
and a treaty I made, in a hot house
nowhere near mountains, finally fixing your car"
[and you got the grape line right, ha]

"Wash those dishes, man
Is this the life you set out for yourself in your younger days?
Well, I might as well stand at attention
Clouds in remission above Haller Lake

Well, call me up with the truth
Yeah, what are you supposed to do?"
[Lock/moon line is correct]

"So send me a daily evening call
but too mach is falling in the things we've done
Send me away in this evening sun
on a boat of my branches in the world's dark hum

Always in a state of my mind
She's found her purse by the building side
but to tell you the truth, every swoon, every bird, every cliff is just out of focus"

The rest right, except it's "buffoons before tombs".

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – Say It to Me Now Lyrics 9 years ago
That would make sense. I think I really have heard him say both "love" and "lord" in different performances.

Laura Marling – Sophia Lyrics 9 years ago
I cannot express my love for this song. LM is so impossibly brilliant.

At first, I didn't quite understand the relation of the first few lines to the rest of the song. I interpret "wounded by dust" to be wounded by a man - as in the Bible, "and the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth". (I know Laura is not Christian, but I could see her using a biblical reference for the sake of her songwriting.) Thinking of that, I wonder if the first few lines are about this man having upset her, causing her to go out and take a walk and think; when she returns, he questions her about where she's been and who she's been with. The next few lines are self-explanatory; she's not usually someone who cries, but she's been so hurt by this man that she's been crying over him.

The chorus makes this song genius. The dynamic changes from hurt to spiteful, shrugging off what happened and saying that if he's correct in his faith, then he'd better pray and that he'll pay his price on Judgment Day. The part where she insists that she's a good woman reminds me of "Night After Night" where she sings, "I don't stand for the devil, I don't whisper in ears..." Despite her lack of religion, she knows she's a good person and she's wise enough to not accuse and blame others, and her newfound satisfaction and peace of mind comes from knowing that the man's conscious will get to him, even if the God[s?] he believes in won't.

I love that she covers both of those stages - the pain and the recovery - in the same piece. It makes for such an awesome dynamic. The song title does, admittedly, throw me off. The name "Sophia" doesn't appear to relate to the rest of the song. Maybe it's the name of a woman he cheated on her with, maybe it's supposed to allude to the Greek term (meaning wisdom). I suppose it's unrealistic to think that we should be able to understand everything in what she writes ;)

Laura Marling – Night After Night Lyrics 9 years ago
There's a point in this song that sounds like she's talking about a past lover whose religious beliefs differed from hers. "I don't stand for the devil / I don't whisper in ears / I stand on the mountains and call people to hear..." It sounds like she's talking about being accused of preaching evil (atheism), but she insists that she's just speaking her mind and letting people listen if they wish to. (The mountains may represent the pedestal she has by being a renowned songwriter and having so many people who will listen to her.) "He longs for the answers, as all of us must / He longs for the woman who will conquer his lust / He screams in the night, I scream in the day / He weeps in the evening and lies naked and prays..." I know that Laura usually writes through characters, but this part leads me to wonder if she's writing about Marcus. A lot of M&S songs seem to have to do with Marcus's philosophical questions, and lot of their recent ones imply that he may have been unfaithful to her and how guilty and shameful he feels. That's what makes me wonder if those lines about him. Hate to be the person who reads into her personal life.

Blind Pilot – Oviedo Lyrics 9 years ago
It's my favorite part of the song, too. I interpreted as the peacocks were just peacocks (he's describing all the beautiful things he's seeing in Spain), but his comparison of himself to the peacocks is the important part. "They're hiding their eyes and their beauty, like me," (such a beautiful line) I think implies shame. With "if my eyes were on my back," he uses the 'eyes' on their feathers in a figurative sense to represent looking backward, towards the past. "I know what I'd be looking at" - he's saying he would be looking at her (or whomever he's talking about) with that hindsight.

Mumford & Sons – Lovers' Eyes Lyrics 9 years ago
Does anyone else think this song might be about having cheated on someone? We learn three things from the chorus: he's paying a price for something, he's being haunted by "ghosts" (that wish him dead, for that matter), and he's committed sins that for which he wants to be forgiven. "Your strength just makes me feel less strong" may mean that he feels weak because he can't manage to be as faithful as she is. I feel like the whole point of the "curse of my lover's eyes" means that he's being haunted by the lover he betrayed, and he's trying to find a way to escape the guilt.

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – Say It to Me Now Lyrics 10 years ago
I actually interpret this song entirely differently than most of those who've commented... just because of line 6, "when you reached down to take my hand", it actually led me to believe that he's talking about realizing that his friend is in love with him. At first, I thought the tone sounded angry, but when I thought about it differently, I kind of got this idea that the explosion of passion in the chorus is just that - an explosion of emotion and disbelief and realization. I like to toy with the idea that he's telling her, "I see it now. Tell me. Say it."

Green Day – 21 Guns Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah, i was reminded of the intro to jeff buckley's "hallelujah"

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