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Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence Lyrics 10 years ago
Simply, Garfunkel said himself that it is about a world not willing to love each other-
they no longer even know how, and the lack of communication on a emotional level.
Yes, we speak, but we say nothing of value, nothing worth sharing.
He wrote it when he was merely 21, so it is also a song of youthful angst and want
for meaning and communication between all.

Wishful thinking perhaps; a dream of light breaking the current shadow of darkness.
Communication is more than words, it is feeling, and these people that worship media
and money are superficial- they see not that they have missed the point.
Light being good, but neon lights are man made and might seem like the real thing,
but cannot ever compare- yet we worship it.

Reverts within himself, into his darkness of thought- people breathe without caring for it’s worth, not knowing that silence is where we are when we realise we’re not living the truth.
He has a wisdom that translates into the hearts of those that see as he saw all those years ago.
Man, I meant to narrow it down into a single line, there went that theory.

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