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Middle Brother – Middle Brother Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm hearing...

There ain't no money comin' in 'cause I got child support
To a family who don't want me but won't leave me alone
It's a terrible way to live but it ain't my choice
I sign away all of my earnings on the little invoice
And I could be the hero on the evenin' news
Smilin' in the face of danger like there's nothing to lose
Takin' out a terrorist 'fore he self detonates
Tell the kids to stay in school and always get good grades

The Mountain Goats – Going to Maryland Lyrics 11 years ago
As a Maryland resident, I like this song... but the line about the Chesapeake grates on me. It should be *the* Chesapeake Bay. It's never called just "Chesapeake Bay."

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