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Breaking Benjamin – Give Me A Sign Lyrics 11 years ago
The whole album (I'm pretty sure) was his recovery from his alcohol addiction.
But this, damn. I love it. I've liked BB since 5th grade (yeah, I was that dorky girl who got made fun of for loving three days grace and not being terrified of Korn). This is different for some reason to me, probably because it's so personal.. It hit something in me I don't think has ever been hit by a song. It reminds me (and I'm not saying it's a Christian song, not at all) of when I was suicidal, and yeah, I was 13, but I stopped believing in god. Year and a half later, I still don't believe in god. Give me a sign? It's desperation. Crying out for something, once you're past the hope of god, crawling at something to save you when you don't have the strength to do it anymore. I don't think the "oh god" is religious at all. Just like "god!!! Help!! I'm screwed! Agh!"
I think maybe it's denying religion. Like there isn't a need for it, or a belief anymore.
But, then again, it is BB so there isn't one meaning. I love 'em! :)

Breaking Benjamin – Give Me A Sign Lyrics 11 years ago
That's 4 letters :P

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
I've always thought it was about someone loving a woman he shouldn't love and the consequences.
But KD Lang does it best in my opinion. And I don't like anything else KD Lang has ever sung, but her version was good.

Evanescence – Broken (Seether feat. Amy Lee) Lyrics 11 years ago
This song seriously hits me, like goosebumps every time and I can hardly listen to the whole thing without some sort of sadness. I have a suicidal friend. I don't know what I'd do without him...I love him, he's my best friend (not a boyfriend, lol. But he tells me things that he doesn't tell her, like the fact that he's on antidepressants)
The "I want to hold you high and steal your pain away" is...agh!! I can't stand it, it's the exact way I feel towards him. If anything happens to him, I hurt too. "you steal my pain away"--he always makes me feel better. It's almost scary, like "left to learn" because I know I'll never decode everything.

Embrace (UK) – Ashes Lyrics 11 years ago
I found this on the Catch & Release it!
For some reason, I'd never even heard of Embrace before and it was sitting in my iPod library for like a month before I even listened to the whole thing. I dunno how I missed it, but it's been on repeat for awhile. :)
These lyrics...gahh. They're magic :) They seem so perfect... and yeah, just like a phoenix.
If anyone feels like recommending some Embrace songs for me, I'd love it.

Linkin Park – Given Up Lyrics 11 years ago
Really? Does it matter what the band used to be or is now? Take the song for what it's worth.

I think it's just a big GODDAMMIT song. Like you've been in enough pain and you're sick of it and you'd rather be numb thanfeel this way and no one gives a shit that you're hurting. And you're pissed at yourself for letting yourself get this far (own worst enemy) and you've given up on feeling, hurting. No one will help you get rid of it. And the pain is literally suffocating you.
And the scream...Damn. Anger, maybe? Whatever it is... 0.o

Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining Lyrics 11 years ago
Heard it on house (social contract)
love it now!!
I don't think the lyrics are ever so stunning like some say, but they're not simple either. They don't slap you in the face like a lot of other songs.

DJ Sammy – Heaven Lyrics 11 years ago
Maybe dying young?
Missing the chances?
He was 13 and it fit perfectly.

DJ Sammy – Heaven Lyrics 11 years ago
Whatever version you think is better, ranting doesn't help.
But for the actual song meaning...
I don't think it's necessarily a love song. I can't listen to it without was played at my cousins funeral.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with some of the other posters...
But I think it could be about how when you're a teenager, some adults try to blame the problems in the world on your generation, and you're not allowed to have an opinion (my choice is my choice/voice) Their refusal to let you be yourself and have a voice, choice, and chance disarms're underage and you don't have much else you can do.
The killer in me is the killer in you- even adults have their insecurity and loneliness, just like the teenager's inabilty to act for themselves.

Anya Marina – Satellite Heart Lyrics 11 years ago
except it wasn't written for new was already done before new moon picked it up.
It works for new moon, too, but it has more than the quality of a book written for frothing-at-the-mouth teenage girls...

I think it could also be about a girl who has a boyfriend whose life moves too fast for her to catch up with. Perhaps he lives in his job, or goes clubbing, or has an affair, or gambles constantly. Yet she remains loyal to him, and he's her whole world, even though she knows she deserves more.
Just a thought
This song matches music perfectly with lyrics, which is harder to find. (Unlike Lady Gaga or all the useless, horrid crap played on pop radio...)

Skillet – Monster Lyrics 11 years ago
I just love how people see one opinion of a song and have to play some kind of argument upon it if they don't agree. Not that people shouldn't have opinions or be free to voice them, but really? Be a little mature.
People are going to take things different ways. Music is no different. Well, if anything, it's more free to people taking it differently.
Does it really matter if someone sees it differently than you do?
I don't care if you're Christian, Atheist, Muslim, whatever... just because someone disagrees with you or you disagree with them, you don't need to act like you're right and they're wrong, just because you thought of it.
Don't be so arrogant to assume you're the only one that's possibly right.

And about the song- pretty self explanatory, but maybe he's angry at himself more than desperate not to unleash whatever he's enraged at.

The Fray – You Found Me Lyrics 11 years ago
The word "God" I don't think means that he's praising god for everything and finally finding him.
I think the use of the word means hope. "smoking his last cigarette" could be that the singer was at the end of his rope, no "cigarettes" left. This hope could come as a friend that left, or someone else important who left, such as his father or something (like if his dad left when he was a kid) and finally came home. I think he hit rock bottom "the floor" when the male figure left, and when the girl left too, he broke down and his insecurity took hold.
So no, I do not think this is a religious song at all. I think it's based on metaphors.

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