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Alice in Chains – Last of My Kind Lyrics 10 years ago
I think "last of my kind" in this song is referring to someone who will stand up to a group or individual who is wrong, deceitful, "evil", or any combination of the three. The person is ostracized by the "liars" but he burns his bridges, crush those who harm him, and proves that there is truth and life outside of their shallow views and outlooks, meanwhile "cry[ing] to the fallen", or showing remorse for anyone hurt in the way. "Last of my kind," or lone wolf.

Alice in Chains – Take Her Out Lyrics 10 years ago
To me, it almost seems like the song is not about a person. Perhaps Cantrell is referring to music or something abstract, while using a girl or "her" as a metaphor (maybe explaining "faceless, blind", and "she's not just mine"). Cantrell loves music and wants it to be a part of him and with him ("want to take her out again").

The end of the first verse goes, "aren't you getting tired of me? Whinging overdrawn", maybe explaining how music, or "her/she" is an outlet for his pain, grief, sorrow, etc.

The second verse refers to music as a double edged sword. "In a bodiless embrace, thriving I have grown," perhaps explains how his passion and love for music builds him up, helps him, and makes him stronger. Then, he says, "fickle, changing, grip replaced, choking taking on," possibly meaning how music consumes him.

Lastly, the third verse more or less supports this view on the song. "Dedicated, true to form, still the only one, only guarantee, continue after I am done," Music will always be there, it is the only passion in his life, it will be there when he is gone.

I don't know but that's my take on it. Basically describes one's passion and desire for music. Awesome song!

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