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Ray LaMontagne – All the Wild Horses Lyrics 8 years ago
Strange story about this song.
I was sleeping, and in my dream, this song was playing. Of course I'd heard it before.. but it fit so well with the dream. I couldn't believe it. It turns out, it had been playing on my iPod, and I'd woken up mid song.
Recently, I've been going through a tough time in my relationship with someone. Mainly due to me "changing" myself for him. Or letting him change me, which presents a set of entirely different problems. But today.. was really the climax of our discussion about this. And throughout, I've been playing this song. Over and over. It's been stuck in my head since my dream. So here I am, bawling my eyes out, trying to grasp the meaning of this song.
Could you believe how incredibly accurate this song seems, and how it came to me in a dream?


Fleet Foxes – Mykonos Lyrics 9 years ago
This song brings out a lot of emotions.
Fleet foxes are indeed the best songwriters I've come across. Ever.
For Mykonos, I've had an odd experience. My first time listening... I'd had it on my ipod.. not paying much attention...
I got really upset about a situation I'd had with someone, or society, rather.
I'd felt taken down by something more superior than I. I'd envisioned something better than what it turned out to be.
As the hight of my breakdown continued... the part: "brother you dont need to turn me away I was waiting down at the ancient gate.. you go wherever you go today" played. The drum and the bass, pounded my emotions.. I just stopped crying in amazement.
Truly beautiful.
Basically, I see this song as someone being defeated by something superior and not expecting it... especially from something they'd believed in or sought as beautiful.

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