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Firewater – Too Many Angels Lyrics 12 years ago
artslut, you are scaring me.
No matter who you are and what you are thinking.....
Stay calm, take care of yourself, never do anything crazy and know that you are loved.
Do what is right for YOU, but don't forget about those who love you.
Change your life if necessary, but don't hurt YOURSELF in the process....
Do you know what I am saying?

Are you OKAY?
You worry me and I don't even know if I know you because this is a GD computer.

Bob Dylan – I'm Not There Lyrics 12 years ago

Lucinda Williams – Bus To Baton Rouge Lyrics 12 years ago
I forgot to mention the ending.
The beautiful man tied me up, raped me
and then torched the house with me in it.

Elvis Costello – I'm Not Angry Lyrics 12 years ago
Passionate, melancholy, sweet and/or friendly..... It is not really clear what type of woman she is.
Maybe a composite.

What IS clear is that she made him ANGRY. His rage is completely evident.

I've felt anger before and it doesn't feel good.
I'm over it now.
I'm not angry anymore.
I'm not angry anymore.
I'm not angry anymore.
I'm not angry anymore.

The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!) Lyrics 12 years ago
Thinking generally about this topic, rather than specifically...
Is it up to the person who feels "wronged" to punish and torment and haunt? Or would the person who did "wrong" have paid for their "crime" on their own terms? I went through an experience where I did wrong and paid dearly on my own. Then the people who felt "wronged" decided it was up to them to teach me a lesson.

Yes, the rotten deeds you do in life will come back to haunt you. You will pay for them (I would never think it was up to me to make someone pay or teach them a lesson, I simply think naturally their conscience will catch up with them). Like William murdering his babies, some people victimize the hearts of people who love them. They rape their souls and laugh. I would never seek revenge.

My blood is on your hands and I forgive you.

The Hoffa Conspiracy – Hey...Ly...Lol...Ttyl Lyrics 12 years ago
This song has deep meaning to me as I relate it to a personal experience of mine.

What motivates a person or group to play their unique game of "spite and malice" over the computer?

I suppose I should explain myself. I once had a friend who meant a lot to me. I meant nothing to him, but for some reason he had a big impact on me. I spent time with this friend by his side at parks, at games, on sidewalks, at dinner parties, at larger parties, at houses, in an ice rink, at school, in the neighborhood and various other places. When I looked into his eyes I saw (and felt) beauty, warmth, humor, pain, intelligence, vulnerability and desire. He apparently looked into my eyes and saw (and felt) nothing. Yet it seems he was capable of devoting a great deal of energy to the quest for nothing.

I made my feelings known, which was my mistake. I then apologized and tried to carry on with my life. There were many ways that he could have chosen to deal with my feelings (and his feelings of denial). What he decided to do, after a very long time of no contact, was start up a game of "computer malice". He chose to toy with my vulnerability over him via the computer. I'd like to mention that never once in my moments of looking into his eyes had I EVER seen anything that remotely resembled bitterness or cruelty. (This all came out on the computer. Which leads me to believe it is either his alter-ego or his partner.) If he felt indifference, would he have gone to his computer to abuse me? Couldn't we have simply had a conversation? Instead he (and whoever... his partner, I assume) went to their computers to torment me. "Why would I rip your heart out like this? Because I fuckin can." So here I sit bleeding for their amusement.

Thankfully I do have some guarded emotions and profound thoughts (a few) that I wouldn't think of sharing on my computer. But, I definitely feel the burn of sharing too much with "him". I trusted him and I cared about him. I now understand, all too well, that he did not feel the same way about me. But I do believe that those who are hurting, often lash out at others. So, I am guessing that he did not feel "nothing".

In "Walden", Thoreau writes that industrialization can be dangerous because men do not know how to control their machines. He writes, "Men have become tools of their tools". And what useless tools we all are.

Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 12 years ago
P.S. EVERY time this song is on my car radio I TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY.

Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 12 years ago
This song seems to be about a vengeful person. They have chosen to avoid an interaction and confrontation which could have led to an exchange of feedback, enable clarification and reach a possible resolution. That action would have made both parties "winners" in terms of personal growth and through expanded awareness and empathy. Instead, the vengeful person or party (in affirming their lack of self-confidence) chooses to prevent the "supposed attacker" from taking responsibility for their error (even though they DID accept responsibility). So the vengeful party decides that they are GOD. They judge unfairly, convict and penalize AS THEY SEE FIT and as a result of their extreme prejudice and exaggerated emotions. They decide they are going to put somebody through "hell". Maybe they decide to do it "behind the scenes".

I saw a quote recently that struck me: "The result of vengefulness is always unjustness". This is the basis of feuds and most wars. Truth is NEVER clarified. Wrongs are never acknowledged. It is an extremely immature and foolish route to take. It only makes both parties "losers". So.... what is "abuse"? Is it a form of adult temper tantrum? Is it behavior that tries or seeks to do harm to another person, after that person has apologized and stayed away for 9+ months? Is it an "eye for an eye" deal? Vengefulness goes WAY beyond anger. It is obsession. It is tormenting another person by whatever means possible.

If you screw up because you loved someone - I understand that. But if you screw up because you want to "take someone down", well that to me is much more difficult to stomach. But, I am ALL about forgiveness. Until recently, I've never had anyone PURPOSELY harm me. And as difficult as that has been for me, I choose to forgive.

This song reminds me of this experience.

Bob Dylan – I'm Not There Lyrics 12 years ago
I can not believe more people have not commented on this song. To me it is incredibly beautiful and meaningful. My favorite version is from the "I'm Not There" soundtrack.

It sounds to me like he has an intense love for a woman. He realizes how much she loves him, too. I am guessing it is a forbidden love. She has incredible and unbearable pain over it and "cries both day and night" and he knows because he was "there". To me he is saying, when you love someone this intensely, you feel you are together even though you are physically apart.

Since it is forbidden love, they are not able to have open and honest communication. Therefore they are not at ease to convey their anger or passion or intense feelings of love. This is awful because if they were able to speak to each other, face to face and eye to eye, they could see the love or hurt or anger or betrayal in each other's eyes and face, Only then could they get past these feelings and begin to truly love each other in a positive way. Since they are not able to do that, the communication becomes strained and difficult and feelings get blown out of proportion in a negative way. To me, even though this is all so awful, it doesn't discount the feelings of love.

I think he is saying that even though he is "not there" physically- with her, where he would like to be- that he IS with her in spirit and a part of him always will be.

Recently I heard a phrase that really struck me: " You can't put the tears back in your eyes." Meaning to me, that the love you have felt for this person and the pain and trauma it has caused you, has shaped you. It has made you who you are today. You are not the same person anymore.

I think the name of the song should be "I AM THERE".

Lucinda Williams – Bus To Baton Rouge Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song , too. My favorite version is from Essence. It is incredibly sad, but so beautiful. I won't be able to comment about it in any elegant or eloquent way (in fact, I'm sure I'll butcher what I'd like to say) but, I'll try explaining what the song means to me.

I took a bus to my soul, too. But, I got onto the bus and there was THE most attractive man sitting in a seat by himself. We smiled at each other for what seemed like a very long time and then I had to break eye contact. I was afraid that I was going to melt on the floor of that dirty old bus. I took a quick look around the bus. It was getting kind of crowded, but there still were other seats available. I looked back at the beautiful man and tapped him on the shoulder. I asked him if I could sit with him and he couldn't have been nicer. He scooted over a bit and I took my place next to him.

There we sat on the way to our souls, side by side. It was sooooooo lovely sharing the seat with that man. We made small talk, yes. We made polite eye contact, too. But I also felt the heat of his body next to mine. I'd notice tiny details about him. I knew from the bits of chatter that we shared that he was a kind, thoughtful, generous and loving person. We both didn't want to interrupt the quiet people around us, so we decided to take out a notebook (made of paper) and write to each other. You have no idea how much we discovered, while sitting next to each other, on this ride to our souls.

So when we arrived at the destination we walked, holding hands, to a house. It had the fig tree in the back yard and the driveway with the tiny white seashells. It even had that magical lamp with the seashore painted on the shade! The camellias were in full bloom and gorgeous. We unlocked all of the doors that had previously been closed off. We opened all of the windows to let in the cool breeze. We ripped the plastic right off that couch and gave it a workout. We both learned how to play the piano (at least we tried) and we had lovely, long dinners at the dining room table. We even bought books that weren't about "being saved" and we read them. We had the most glorious life in that house.

The morning after the first night we spent together in that house, we went right out and bought a huge vase for the honeysuckle.

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