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Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't think this song has anything to do with being a hooker or strung out on drugs at all. After years of listening to his song on repeat, it's come to my understanding that the subject matter of the song is really about the emotional strain relationships and associations can have on a person. It's, in my opinion, everybody taking from everybody, without caring, and without giving back. It addresses how tiring it can be, how numb it can make you feel, but how not embracing all the bad things in a life revolved around people can make you feel just as empty; that in fact, one would rather deal with all of that than be completely alone. However, it really shows how shallow people can be, and how the people around you that you're supposed to be able to count on disregards you and your feelings, you become jaded through heir selfish acts, and simulate that kind of behavior on other people. To me, it's a song about being used and abused emotionally, and in return just not giving a damn anymore.

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