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Nirvana – About a Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
yeh. he wrote this song after she complained that he never wrote songs about her.

Nirvana – Plateau Lyrics 11 years ago
This is cover of a song by The Meat Puppets. Nirvana were very for exposing underground alternative rock bands, such as this band. This song, as well as Lake Of Fire and Oh, Me, were featured on Nirvana's MTV unplugged album and were all originally available on the album Meat Puppets II.

Nirvana – Been a Son Lyrics 11 years ago
yeh dude its about the fact that Don, Kurts dad, wanted Kim Cobain to be a boy but not because of her sexuality.

Nirvana – Breed Lyrics 11 years ago
this song started life when nirvana were on tour with fellow alt rockers Tad. Tad's lead singer, Tad Doyle, was dangerously overweight and had dioreah and vomiting problems. this song was first called Immodium, the name of his dioreah medicine

Nirvana – Pennyroyal Tea Lyrics 11 years ago
yeh. ur right. pennyroyal is a herb that some believe to have ability to make abortins

Nirvana – Serve the Servants Lyrics 11 years ago
According to Charles Cross' biography, Heavier Than Heaven, most of this song is about Kurt's relationship with his father

Split Enz – I Hope I Never Lyrics 12 years ago
Tim Finn says that he doesn't remember how "I hope i never" came about, but he says it is very emotional.
Tim says it may have started when he rang up Phil Judd because he just wanted to say hi, and Phil's wife answered, and Tim said "Hi, it's Tim, I just wanted to say hi,"
And Phil's wife said "I'll just get him" and i few minuted later, Phil's wife came back on the phone
and said "He doesn't want to talk to you"

Cold Chisel – Flame Trees Lyrics 12 years ago
Flame Trees are the Jacaranda Trees of Grafton, the town where Don Walker (Keyboards) grew up
I think it's about someone going back to their hometown to find out one of there best friends is gone

Split Enz – Pioneer Lyrics 12 years ago
Eddie Rayner (Keyboardist for Split Enz)
Used to write bits and pieces of music and
hoped one day that one of them would
get on to an album
This is pretty much a "Sequel" to Six months
in a leaky boat that Eddie Rayner wrote one day

It appears on "Time and Tide" (1982)

Crowded House – Chocolate Cake Lyrics 12 years ago
On the DVD "Great Australian Albums- Woodface"

Tim Finn said:
"I happened to be in a restaraunt in America
and i heard these people say
'So what d'ya reckon, another piece of chocolate cake
or should we get the cheque' and although that line is never used in
the song, it just stuck!"

Split Enz – This is Massive Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song has something to do with taking drugs........

Split Enz – Six Months In A Leaky Boat Lyrics 12 years ago
This song started when Tim was reading a book called "Tyranny of Distance" (Also a lyric from the 2nd verse of tis song) And Tim wrote this with Neil Finn(Guitar/vocals), Noel Crombie (Percussion), Nigel Griggs (Bass) and Eddie Rayner (Keyboards) about New Zealand being colonised

Hunters & Collectors – When the River Runs Dry Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm pretty sure this song has something to do with criminals stealing money

Crowded House – Nails in My Feet Lyrics 12 years ago
The line "Nails in my Feet" was adopted when Neil bought a pair of garding shoes with fake nails in the end.

People will probably read this and go "What the....!" but i'm sure it's true

Crowded House – Don't Dream It's Over Lyrics 12 years ago
Lots of people say that Neil wrote this song after having a fight with his wife. This isn't true. Neil Finn says, he locked himself in the room at his brother Tim's house where the organ was while a party was on and wrote this song.

Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon Lyrics 12 years ago
That's exactly right. Neil wrote this from his wifes point of view. Neil says the line he is most proud of is "It would cause me pain if you were to end it, but i could start again you can deoend on it". He says that line is suppose to say "Pull your finger out, buster! For god's sake don't leave me!"

I read that in this Aussie music history book, co-written by Molly Meldrum, so i'm pretty damn sure it's true

Crowded House – Locked Out Lyrics 12 years ago
Neil wrote it after he red a Peter Carey novel i think

That sounds really stupid, but i think it's true, i'm trying to remember where i read that

Crowded House – Mean To Me Lyrics 12 years ago
This song, according to Neil Finn himself, is about a girl who comes out from America just to see the band she is obsessed with and some guy ends up taking her for a ride in his car.

I know that part of this is true, there was a fan who came out from America but i'm not sure if the guy taking her for a ride is true

Gangajang – Sounds of Then Lyrics 12 years ago
Reg Mombassa, former Guitarist for Mental As Anything and Australian artist, played the guitar solo on this song

Goanna – Solid Rock Lyrics 12 years ago
First ever pop song to feature a didgereedoo

Goanna – Solid Rock Lyrics 12 years ago
This is the full story of the song solid rock from reading a history book about Aussie rock

Shane Howard's (Lead singer and songwriter for Goanna) Doctor said he needed a break, he was run down. Shane went on holiday to Uluru, where he attended Aboriginal festivals called Corroborees. These festivals moved Shane deeply. He started writing the song at Uluru and finished it when he got back. The song is about Aboriginal people

Cold Chisel – Flame Trees Lyrics 12 years ago
It's about a man coming back to his childhood town of Grafton and he finds out his girlfriend isn't there

Crowded House – Pineapple Head Lyrics 12 years ago
Pineapple Head was written when Neil's youngest son Elroy had a fever. Sharon (Neil's Wife) and Neil were looking after him and he was going on and he randomly said "Pineapple Head". Neil ran down to the Piano in his living room and started writing Pineapple Head, when Sharon ran down and said in distraught "What on earth are you doing down here?"

Crowded House – Black and White Boy Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is about Neil's black and white dalmatian, if you think about the words he has used them not very directly (Like there isn't any words that say "My do is black and white boy") but if you listen to the words it comes together. I have the Farewell To The World DVD and one of the bonus material things is from a channell 7 show and you can see a dog walking around when Neil is playing his guitar!!

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