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Billy Joel – My Life Lyrics 12 years ago
Okay, I'm going through something that this song fits perfectly.

But, i think I'm getting a different feeling from it than the previous posts. It seems almost satirical, in my opinion. "This is my life" is very obviously sayingjust what it says. But the whole idea of not needing anyone but yourself.. We are social creatures by nature, we do need other people, whether we believe it all of the time or not.

It is a song about a friend, a very good friend. Sometimes, friends know you better than anyone and you don't want to hear what they say when they tell you that youare wrong. I think he's trying to remind us of that. We may not want to hear it, and we may be angry. But we have to get past thinking that or else we'll be singing songs like this for the rest of our lives.

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