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Bruce Springsteen – Jackson Cage Lyrics 9 years ago
This might be stretching it, but the phrase "Jackson cage" appears in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, and Faulkner and Springsteen talk about a lot of the same types of people even if from diff. areas - I'm sure Bruce has read this book at any rate.

The National – Lit Up Lyrics 10 years ago
The National to me always projected that "lover and a fighter" image, and "lighting someone up" is a term that's used when someone decisively wins a fight, so... I mean, with the party references, and the chorus line "I tried it one time and got lit up" - sounds like he's describing getting drunk at a party and trying to be a tough guy - definitely seems like a very National-esque activity

The Microphones – The Moon Lyrics 11 years ago
flawless. reminds me also of Eternal Sunshine, though not in a good way. oh well

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