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The Guess Who – No Time Lyrics 4 years ago
I went to see Randy play in Calgary a year or so ago. He was talking about this song and the story he had told, was that as a young group, they were touring down into a few states, including California I believe. As they were crossing the border in some backwood area of Saskatchewan or Alberta, the American border guard was surprised hey were heading south as musicians, with work visas. He warned them to stay away from the military border outpost on the other side of the road, because, since they had work Visas in the states, they could basically be drafted immediately and sent to Vietnam. Basically kidnapped into service. They then turned around and went back into Canada to find another route to their gigs instead of risking being stopped down the road. He also explained about getting to California, and while waiting outside the venue, listening to a group of american 17/18 years old discussing being drafted, with the 18 yr olds thinking of running to Canada to escape the 'killing Floor' in vietnam, and the 17 yr old discussing that he didnt have much time left before his draft card arrived when he turned 18 the next month. Thats what Mr. Bachman stated the song was referring to with No time, killing floor, and borders.

Bon Iver – RE: Stacks Lyrics 10 years ago

I personally think the chorus part is a reference to him leaving his band at the same time as ending a romantic relationship as well. He's flat on his back emotionally, loading his band equipment into the back of a vehicle. His racks and stacks are both his band items, and metaphors for everything else that has him down. He's taking them all with him to be alone somewhere and deal with it all. Its a great chorus!

On your back with your racks and the stacks as your load
In the back and the racks and the stacks are your load
In the back with your racks and you're un-stacking your load.

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