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Kate Rusby – The Wild Goose Lyrics 7 years ago
I think your interpretation is the more correct one here from the POV of him/ actually couldn't be clearer--I must have been hypnotized by the song's beauty to think straight!

I am also vexed by interchanging of evening-morning here.

I appreciate your input.

Kate Rusby – The Wild Goose Lyrics 9 years ago
This is by far my favorite Kate Rusby song, and I'm quite a fan in general, so that's saying a lot. I just think it's the perfect performance--I simply adore it.

What does it mean? I think it's a cute interpretation by Rusby of the old sea shanty, of course...she compares the beauty of a sailing ocean ship with that of the fairer sex, and proceeds to weave in a wistful lad's unrequited affection for a just such a lass whom he happens upon one day; he then rallies and announces that he, too, is capable of sailing away(like the wild goose) on the same ocean--and then she'll have no chance to further hurt him (and maybe she'll be the sorry then as he gracefully sails away). Historically, sea imagery has always been romantic and moving, and no one recalls it so beautifully as Kate Rusby.

I should also mention that musically it's very pleasing. I think her husband, or ex as it is, performed on the recording and it seems he is something of a virtuoso...anyway, very well done.

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