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Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed Lyrics 11 years ago
I completely agree. I was shocked to see no one made that connection sooner. It makes so much sense. We live in a generation where we believe one person can't change the world. But Dylan did, 1965. Things have changed, eh? Good stuff. Thanks for your comments.

Lindsey Buckingham – Trouble Lyrics 11 years ago
I'd venture to guess this was about Carol Ann Harris. Give Storms a read. It's a great memoir. Carol Ann was Lindsey's girlfriend during the tusk era.

Vetiver – save me a place Lyrics 11 years ago
A horrifically unimaginitive take on a wonderful work. A cover is a cover because the covering artist can bring a different viewpoint to a piece. If you know both versions, Fleetwood Mac and Vetiver's, you will see the obvious intent to use Lindsey's style of singing. There is nothing different about or artistically challenging about this piece contrasted to the Fleetwood Mac version. Listen kids, if you did this at school it would be called plagiarism.

Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders Lyrics 11 years ago
The name Sara comes from Sara Fleetwood. Mick Fleetwood's then wife. Sara was a song written about crossroads and life, not about one woman in particular. Stevie has a really powerful way of taking a name and conjuring it up into all the hopes and dreams of the world. "When you build your house, call me home."

Animal Collective – Safer Lyrics 11 years ago
I see this a little differently than the tripping scenario. I guess it's all in how you can relate to the song but I definitely feel a strong connection to psychosis and past traumas. Torture, don't let it get you down says it all.

Akron/Family – Ed Is a Portal Lyrics 12 years ago
Maybe I'm being a bit romantic with the meaning but here's my take: Ed's a drug dealer. It makes a lot of sense when you listen to it from that pov. People cut on that idea all the time. But I think the band members get high probably a lot for creative purposes. Not just to light up to kill time. You have to respect that. I'm curious to see if anyone agrees with that.

Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky Lyrics 12 years ago
I feel like this song is AC's box of rain. Ironic they sample Phil Lesh in it. 'Birds are winging or the rain is falling from a heavy sky. What do you want me to do to see you through?' -grateful dead, box of rain. Both songs bring me to a really pensive place. A place I love, but a sad place. This song makes my thoughts weigh me down. But, it's all a dream we dreamed one afternoon, right?

Animal Collective – On a Highway Lyrics 12 years ago
AC has this gift of turning really simple things into these deeply artistic and sentimental recollections. Can't we all relate to this? Missing home, yet not really having a home. You could go on for days about metaphors in this song. I like to look at it as what it is. He's on the road.

Animal Collective – For Reverend Green Lyrics 12 years ago
I really can't stand how all of these are lyric corrections and nothing about the song. The whole song paints a picture about how life it's easy to get lost in the appearances of things. The reference to the bulimics, taking vitamins, it feels very vain almost. When it gets back to the children it's pure innocence. Humans who do what they want opposed to what is perceived as right. The name Reverend Green, while I don't know if he is in fact a person involved in AC's life, feeds into a life of holiness and following the rules. People look up to a religious figure and will model their life after them. Perhaps pertaining to the appearance idea presented early in the song. It's a sad song to me thinking I've grown from the baby smiling on the bus to the person I am today, 'inhuman' and all.

Stevie Nicks – Imperial Hotel Lyrics 12 years ago
this song has to be about rehab. The imperial hotel has to be rehab. Or at least a therapy sort of situation where there's a lot on the 'table'. When the song says, 'baby, baby why am I so alone?' that's reference to her very public relationship with music which she has given up for a family and a marriage. The 'she probably goes under a different name' really gives a good indication about rehab. Great song and very upbeat. Stevie pours her soul into her music. You hear that every time. From her 'storms' days to 'sister honey' to 'illume' you get a piece of her soul with every listen. Interested to hear about other ideas concerning The Imperial Hotel.

Jackson Browne – Fountain Of Sorrow Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is beautiful and could be applied to any relationship like danielins said. Jackson Browne writes this for his wife who committed suicide.

Now for you and me it may not be that hard to reach our dreams,
But that magic feeling never seems to last.
And while the future's there for anyone to change,
Don't you know it seems
It would be easier sometimes to change the past.
I'm just one or two years, and a couple of changes behind you
In my lessons at love's pain and heartache school,
Where if you feel too free and you need something to remind you,
There's this loneliness springing up through your life
Like a fountain from a pool.

This verse is especially showing the pain he feels for not being able to pick up on the signs of pain his wife had shown. It also show the aftermath of the tragedy and how he is handling it.

The whole song speaks of a tragic story of a death, especially one he thought some of the control laid in his hands.

Fleetwood Mac – Illume (9-11) Lyrics 13 years ago
I would like to add that there is a misspelling on these lyrics, it is Nag Champa not Champra. Nag Champa is a popular incense brand made of from Indian sandalwood. The scattered and the slow panic of this song is an excellent account of what Americans went through. Mick really makes this song with the percussion.

Buckingham Nicks – Crystal Lyrics 13 years ago
I believe this song is has a very obvious meaning. It's definitely a love song. I can imagine Lindsey was writing this for Stevie, but with the on and off nature of their relationship, I guess we never can be too sure. It's a beautiful song broken down to the bare elements of nature and relating it to a intense human emotion. The force of nature is definitely a powerful one and so is love. I can understand why Lindsey would tie those two together. He does quite well. You can picture this gorgeous landscape portrait and the feeling of love illustrated through it. The place Lindsey is describing whether it is fictional or real, I'd like to try to be there someday.

Great song, I'm surprised more haven't commented on it.

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