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Blink-182 – Here's Your Letter Lyrics 9 years ago
i agree with people who love this song more than other Blink songs. It's absolutely TEARdropping song.things in song its so similiar with my own past relationship.except i dont write letters,and dont talk to the ceiling.if i imagine all what happened again its really heart begin poundin' Probably best ...

Ramones – Poison Heart Lyrics 9 years ago
оh guys,thanx to all of u for comment this pure solid punk song!! when i saw the video i just wonder how dark energy of music and Joey's unusual voice can make such an exellence!! non-standard song like Born to die in heavy ! i love them both. hail to Dee! i like Markys drums on it!!! one of the Best! why RollingStones or Deep Purple still rocks,but our heroes died? i cannot believe it.Rest in peace to dead and wish the long live to remains.

Scorpions – When You Came Into My Life Lyrics 9 years ago
simple one of the best rock love songs of all times! i cannot hold the tear when i hear it! how could people misunderstood all the beauty n power of Klaus voice in that song?? maybe american nation and passion love it's two different things. Great song,great band!!! true love would never die...even through many years ..if it's real love...with all wounded heart.Version of video clip not the same as CD.filmed in asia.

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time Lyrics 9 years ago
One of the best for me! ther is great director's job in video's like small movie with large passion and beautiful someone said early,the drum line is genius and amazing.Lauper n Guy in video so fun with hairstyle) i also want to know what Second Hand Unwined means.its cool that she s from Queens NY like Ramones.) if u love this song u can watch videos -Death Cab 4 Cutie a movie scart ending,Roonie-here today gone tomorrow(Ramones cover) and Dio -rock n roll children .I really love all this.

Iron Maiden – Justice Of The Peace Lyrics 9 years ago
Great song! Guitar bridge is brilliant.voice of Blaze so dark,dry and serious,that i love. don't know why nobody post in here. i like the seems the Maiden is grows up.there is no more Bruce's romantic.just reality.Song s about the difference of people,of presence now and years ago.i think its true.but i disagree the line that people were more care-free.the time always changes,people still the same)

Uriah Heep – Easy livin' Lyrics 9 years ago
this one much liked by my father.i think its about livin' hope.but i cannot what means ...and i've been forgiven since u take place in my heart.... forgiven by whom? for what? sorry for my english.

Uriah Heep – BIRD OF PREY Lyrics 9 years ago
i didn't know how beautiful this lyrics touchy vocal for me.but i still dunno what is words Bird of Prey means.

Uriah Heep – Blind Eye Lyrics 9 years ago
great of my favorite fr.D.Byron's era.Oh,it's so true.Blinder than a blind eye.i've been in the same trouble.i like this unusual bass lines n vocal harmony.

The Exploited – The Massacre Lyrics 9 years ago
i cant understand- why people dont comment this GreatPunk band?
i just say than young people better talk about Ataris or Linkin park
and the reason is Wattie dont make up his meanings as everybodies like
Wattie is real man! respect///

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