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Sadistik – Searching for Something Beautiful Lyrics 8 years ago
Seems pretty obvious what this song means and is about- trying to find beauty in his life. I went to a show of his and met him and talked to him, and when he performed this one, beforehand he said how this song means a lot to him..

Though all very minor, there ARE several mistakes within the lyrics.

"Kissing hope with no chance, but me" should be "no chance FOR me"

"a dream that i can catch and a person whos unusual" should be "adream that i can catch IN a person who's unusual"

and a few others that dont really matter, but just wanted to point those out!! It seems insignificant but it can change the context of the song and its meaning, though only slightly. :)

LOVE this beautiful, amazing song!!!!

Twista – Get It Wet Lyrics 8 years ago
um, there's a lot of wrong lyrics in this song. for example, the girl's part is "bitch, run from a virgin SIPPIN' BOURBON, get the derb and leave you hurtin' for certain..."..not "sup a burban",which doesn't even make sense. and also "Simple kiss from p.t. lips" is yet another thing that makes no sense, wtf is "p.t lips?" She actually says "petite lips"...does that not make sense? Sometimes when it comes to deciphering lyrics, even if hard to understand at times, all you need is a little *COMMON SENSE*, yeah? :)

Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days Lyrics 9 years ago
As a former heroin junkie myself, i have a different point of view to this song than some might- Ok, I think it's very generalized to say "it's about depression", and few people on this site got it right, at least in my opinion that is. Smolten Grove hit the points on the head, though. It makes perfect sense that it is about drug addiction- to ANY drug, but I think it may be heroin specifically, for a number of reasons. First of all, the point in time of this being written/released, it was a big epidemic, but especially in the grunge and rock scene! Think Kurt, Layne, Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone frontman), Scott Weiland, and MANY others! More rockstars than not, at that point in time! Heroin IS black (on the west-coast, it is..) so I can't help but wonder if it is almost to be taken LITERAL...Fell on BLACK days. People even CALL heroin "black" out here, so..And in a way it IS about depression, but more a more specific kind- addiction IS depressing! So yes. Also, Chris was very close to/and once was roommates with Andrew Wood, who died in 1995 from a heroin overdose, as did many other more high-profile rockstars that were acquaintances and friends. So it could be written from their point of view, or maybe Chris himself had delved into using it at some points..And I think what brings this point home is "I want to know, if this could be my fate"..because once you NEED a drug, especially a drug like heroin, you start to feel like it is inescapable no matter how bad you want to get away from it, and you can often end up feeling defeated enough that you just resignedly accept that this is how things are now and always will be, that this was your fate, you made your bed and will now have to lie in it forever. I know I felt that way, and I know most people do, sooner or later. You just reach that point where you can't help yourself, so you feel like it is fated.

Atmosphere – Fuck You Lucy Lyrics 9 years ago
I know Slug SAYS that he uses a lot of allegories disguised in women's names, particularly Lucy most of all, but honestly I don't believe for a second that it is supposed to be a bigger representation for Hip Hop or anything like that- it is way too personal, way too soul-crushing, way too deep of emotion..It has broken heart and hurt written all over it, undeniably. Not to mention, if it was really about hip hop, and he hated it and had such strong negative feelings for it, why would he keep doing it? Does he not love what he does? I think anyone who is in the business that is REAL usually loves what they do or they wouldn't do why would he say those things about that?? Only hurt from love can take you by the soul in the certain way that he described..with exception to a few other rare traumatic events in life that happen. It is probably true that yes, Lucy does represent something much bigger than just one person (in the long run, in the big picture of things.) but I think that just happens to be something he might have realized along the way and is just an added bonus to the fact..I do think originally he had someone very specific in mind, and maybe he just doesn't want to demystify who in any sort of way, because some art is more beautiful with less explanation, and maybe he just doesn't feel we really need to know, doesn't really want to talk about it. But despite that, I still do think it was meant to be all about someone who hurt him badly, even if it eventually progressed into having a bigger meaning or many meanings at once.

Massive Attack – Aftersun Lyrics 9 years ago
this song has a lot of meaning to me,especially lyrically..because to me, it is talking about a relationship that went wrong, but yet still had some great times when things were good...even in the dark moments, things were ok sometimes, which is what makes you stay. it reminds me very much of my 5 year relationship with my ex boyfriend, when we were both strung out on heroin all the it was like, if there hadn't been drugs, it would've been nearly perfect and great like it was before, but we made that terrible mistake and things were irreperable because of it...and yet there were great moments that would shine through, the moments you could kind of sense what things WOULD HAVE been like, if only...

Sneaker Pimps – After Every Party I Die Lyrics 9 years ago
This song would be THAT MUCH BETTER if Kelli was the one singing!


To me, it seems like someone who is the life of the party, popular and all, but once the party is over, they lose their personality, their "party alter-ego", they've come to identify themselves with the lifestyle they've taken (just like a junkie loses who he is without his come to indentify yourself as what you do, in some lifestyles..) So i think that's what it means..or also, if drugs were a part of the party (as they usually are), they can feel the depression that comes with the aftermath, the comedown...You feel so alive at a party, but then you go back to your boring life and the way it was before you partied, all the same sh*t is just waiting right there for you like before.

Alice in Chains – Sludge Factory Lyrics 9 years ago
I think that most of the responses have some plausability- I believe it to be about more than one thing ( what a concept!) But the record industry, to me, doesn't sound fitting at all, really. It's far too personal to be on that level. I think I even remembering reading somewhere once that this song is about all of the addicts in Layne's life (one of which would include his father and his one-time girlfriend..) and I think that this song focuses in on them especially: Demri, the ex girlfriend, in the part about one soul he adores wanting to die and not living past 25- by all accounts of those who knew Demri, she was known to be wild and it was thought that she wouldn't likely lead a very LONG life. And Layne's father, along with probably those who he tried to call "friends" calling to congratulate him, maybe on a new album or whatever, but always with ulterior motives, with drugs in mind. I could especially see this as Layne came into wealth through his brilliant music. Even the title would play off of this, that all of the people seem to come from a factory of sludge, so to speak. I know firsthand how it is, when you come to that point of being into your drug so deeply that it IS your LIFE, so obviously with that, all of the people in your life are fellow addicts, and I have no doubt that the same goes for Layne. And you can really see that his father's role in his life (later on, when he came back around, that is) is a big influence in this song, especially if you read about the fact that he came around back into Layne's life just for a free ride basically, and only once he was famous. I think it just kind of speaks for itself that this song is about those in his life that were fellow addicts, and how they could really be pieces of sh*t sometimes. (most of the time, actually)...

Alice in Chains – Again Lyrics 10 years ago
Ok well firstly, though i know it is merely opinion-oriented, i can't help but laugh a little about anyone (much less so many!) thinking it'd have anything to do with rape. I just don't get where the song implies that in any sort of way?! But anyway, though it's equally as likely that it's about Demri, I've always thought strongly that it is actually addressed to Layne himself...Because you are not your addiction, it's almost like there's your normal self and the part of your mind that's the addict, such as when you try to get clean, your inner addict fights against stopping saying "come on, one more time!" and i think he is addressing that part of himself: "you made a fool of me again", "i know i made the same mistake", "your weak will wont help her heal her heart" (talking about himself, and that he doesnt have the willpower to stay clean, for himself or for Demri)..I mean yes its probably somewhat about her in ways but it seems more like an inner battle, and i know all too well how that is and how true that is. i mean he MUST be talking about himself because he says YOUR weak will and he was with Demri, who had heart problems. It just kind of speaks for itself, ya know? And I read that the video kind of backs this theory up, too. Most of everyone's theories have some plausability, but if you think about it, this one just seems to make the most sense all the way around.

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