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Toad the Wet Sprocket – Fly From Heaven Lyrics 12 years ago
I think most people really don't know what this song is about. Yes it is written from the standpoint of Jesus brother James who was one of the original teachers of "Christianity."

It is also written about Paul who persecuted the first Christians including James before having a revelation and changing over to "Christianity."

Unfortunately Paul in the Bible did not teach about Christ's life and teachings. He twisted the words of Christ and got away from the early christians who were called Essene Nazarenes and they included Jesus' brother James. Paul was an agent of the Jewish puppet-government installed by imperial Rome.

He basically created what we know today as mainstream Christianity preaching that salvation is through believing in Christ rather than following his works, which is not what was taught by Jesus.

Paul never even met Jesus. Look at the lyrics. James is speaking.

Paul is making me nervous, Paul is making me scared. Walk into this room he swaggers like he's God's own messenger. Changed the name of my brother (Jesus Christ was known to his followers, the real Apostles as Yeshua). Changed the things that he said (Paul distorting His words).

Says he speaks to him

But he never even knew the man (Paul never did know Jesus although he acted like he knew Him better than the actual people who lived with him and followed him).

Unfortunately that's how mainstream Christianity was created. This false belief that all you have to do to achieve salvation is believe in Jesus... Jesus never taught that.

Paul did. There are TONs of books about this Pauline doctrine. Paul vs. Jesus. It's incredibly interesting stuff.

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