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Nirvana – Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam Lyrics 10 years ago
You people are so dumb. It's a Vaseline's song. He didn't write it so there's no need to write about how he felt about god or the afterlife or even turtles. It's irrelevant. He sang it. He didn't write it.

Nirvana – Lounge Act Lyrics 10 years ago
It's about Tobi Vail. Several of Kurt's subjects or songs or song titles are about Tobi Vail- Hello? Kathleen Hannah spray painted on his bedroom wall "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit"- Tobi Vail's deodorant. Lounge Act is about a letter he wrote to Tobi but never sent it. Courtney Love wasn't even on the scene yet. Krist Novoselic even says so.

My god! Kurt Cobain never raped anyone! He was a huge proponant of women's rights (hence a reason he was drawn to Tobi Vail. She was a Riot Grrrl and activist for equal rights for women in music and throughout society in general, especially free speech and anti-violence against women) and disgusted by rape. He wrote about the entire episode his journal.

"In a last attempt to make it clear, Lakeside High School has never had the facilities to teach those chronic retards. A lot of naive asshole kids just called her retarded because she never talked.-- And she offered me some twinkies and I sat in her lap and said "let's fuck" and I touched her tits and she went into the bedroom and got undressed in front of me with the door open and I watched and realized it was actually happening so I tried to fuck her but I didn't know how and I asked her if she had ever done this before and she said a lot of times mainly with her cousin. I got grossed out very heavily with how her vagina smelled and her sweat reaked so I left.--and that day the girls father came in screaming and accusing someone of taking advantage of his daughter and they went to the principals office and yelled at each other-- and I went down to the station and recorded my confession of what I did and said that her family can't do anything because she was 18 and not mentally retarded."

Know your Cobain before you post stupid drivel. Don't start senseless rumors about what you think you know- seriously.

Nirvana – Serve the Servants Lyrics 10 years ago
His bones hurt really bad because he had scoliosis which was untreated and made worse over time by lugging a guitar around everywhere he went from his early teens (as an accessory until he learned how to play it) through adulthood.

The curvature of the spine also causes pinched nerves which was the whole reason he experienced the excrutiating stomach pains. In '94 he gave an interview with Rolling Stone and mentioned a doctor finally figured out this was the entire problem and corrected it. He was finally pain free and able to eat normally.

So yeah his bones hurt really bad but finally it was fixed and no, he did not kill himself over stomach pain because it was now gone. Actually he didn't kill himself at all. And Tom Grant has all the answers.

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